My Drawing of The UNDEAD REXXIE. Splinterlands Art Contest.


Hi Everyone.

How are you doing?

I hope that you all are well by the grace of Almighty Allah. I'm also doing fine and I pray that you all do well in your life.

Now, let's talk about my today's work. Today, I'm here to share artwork of mine. It's a drawing of a monster of splinterlands named Undead Rexxie.

I'm re-drawing this monster to take participate in the weekly art contest of splinterlands. I normally use acrylic color nowadays. But, this time I decided to use watercolor. But, my colors were just as it is for more than 1 month. I wasn't using them and that's why I think they dried a little and the colors became messy. You'll be able to notice it in the steps of my work.

At first, I made the structure of the drawing using a 4B pencil.

Then I used watercolor to give the structure a colorful view.


I've tried my best, but it’s too hard to draw with this messy color. As you can see that, there are brush scratches everywhere in the drawing. I just can't get it to be smoother. It’s been 3 days since I'm working on it.

I took it as a challenge that I'll finish this drawing using this color set, no matter how.

I hope that my work will be finished soon and I'll be able to share this same drawing after finishing it fully. Although, as I've used watercolor and offset paper. The paper surface has also become messy by being wet. But, as I said. I'll finish it no matter how.

Thank You.