A new week comes with a new Challenge, Presenting Radiated Brute!

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Just another Tale From Silver II

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Hello and thank you for reading this post!
I am glad this post got your attention!
and with that, I hope u will like this post about our card of the week:
Radiated Brute

Radiated Brute is a good card to have in your collection.
The Reach ability makes it possible to put this card behind ur main-tank, and the card can still do damage to enemy in the first place.
also this card has some nice damage and decent health for the Mana it uses.

Radiated Brute stats.png

Just before we saw the Gold-foil edition of this card with lvl 4, just because I use that card in the game and therefor i placed it in that edition there.

Radiated Brute Level 4

  • 5 mana
  • 3 melee damage
  • 2 speed
  • 0 armor
  • 5 Health
    Ability: Reach

Reach means:
Melee attack Monsters with the Reach ability may attack from the second position on the team

The stats are more than ok for an Common 5 Mana monster, and there are a lot more card's wich won't meet these stats.
Sure, the first 1-2 levels of this card arn't that good, but for a low price u can pick up a lvl 3-4 of this card, because this is one of the cheaper Fire cards.

Extra Big Fire.png

The Battle Rules


  • Healed out
    • All healing abilities are removed from Monsters and Summoners.
  • 36 Mana

Fire, Earth, Life, Death, and Dragon Splinter available

When i saw this amount of mana, and I knew that I had to use the Fire deck at some point, wich I really like to use in higher mana battles (30+ mana) because you can have so much damage output, and high health monsters with this Splinter.
There are alot of strong Melee cards in the Fire deck and i got just some of them.
But i got enough to get a high win rate with Tarsa.

Extra Big Fire.png

The Splinters


This game will be Tarsa on my side VS Drake of Arnak on the enemy's side wich can be a problem, if they have some high hitters who will kill my tank/back lines, because I need to hit them atleast once to make that 1 armor disappear.
Just let's take a look at the line-up!

Extra Big Fire.png

The Setup

The setup.PNG

We just had a look at the Splinters, so now the line-up at my side!

The Tank

This is one of my favorite tank card's.
The high Health, good Armor and very good Damage (wich will be boosted by Tarsa) is really good.
also the ability's

  • Bloodlust
    • Every time it defeats an opponent, it gets +1 to all stats
  • Void Armor
    • Magic attacks hit this Monster's armor before its Health
  • void
    • Reduced damage from Magic attacks, Attack damage gets halved (rounded up), except attack 1 which deals 0 damage

This card is insane!, ecspecially when this card makes 1-2 kills, it will be unstopable after that!
that is why I place this card on my main tank spot!

Second in line

The card of the week Radiated Brute wich will attack in this game with the Reach ability.
Placed after Grum Flameblade so it will take some time that this card reach the first placeand with that he can just deal some damage!

The third spot is for:

Yeah that's right! The 1 Mana slow monster!
Creeping Ooze is such a nice addition to almost every fight.
This card will help u with getting the first hit's on critical monsters (like Serpintine Spy) also will this monster get u more dodges and misses because of the missing speed from enemy's.
If I have the change, I always add this card to the game.

Fourth up!

Tenyii Striker

This might be one of my all time most used card, the damage and speed are both high, and the Sneak ability completes this card.

  • Sneak
    • Targets the last Monster on the enemy Team instead of the first Monster

Also this card can take a hit or two before it is taken down.
This card won alot of battles for me!

The fifth worm!

Only thing I can say about this one, this card hit hard!
The 5 damage with the sneak combination will shredd the backline apart on the other team, especially when u combine this card with some faster Sneak monsters so that the faster monsters will shredd the armor, and this guy takes his kill!

The last for this battle!

If you have some leftover mana, and need some defense in the backline, call Chaos Agent!
With 1 mana, no attack, 2 health and 2 speed with the ability:

  • Dodge
    • Has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks.

This card will surely take away some hits for your Damage dealers wich will live longer than!

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The Battle

Grum Flameblade VS Harklaw
Radiated Brute VS Djinn Muirat
Creeping Ooze VS Silent Sha-vi
Tenyii Stiker VS Venari Bonesmith
Sand Worm VS Life Sapper
Chaos Agent VS Soul Strangler

Extra Splinterlands.png

Buff/Debuff Round

After Buffs.PNG

After the buffing/debuffing round Round you can see that Creeping Ooze has done a good job an putting almost all enemy monsters back to 1 speed, wich gives an advantage to my Sneak monsters to take out the backline 1 by 1.
Tenyii Striker will deal the first blow, and Than Sand Worm makes the last with the astouning 6 Melee Damage!
While that is happening, Grum Flameblade will keep the Harklaw busy, and with the Void ability, he wont take much damage from the magic monsters!

Extra Splinterlands.png

Round 2

Round 2.PNG

Here in this Round, you can already see the double Sneak is paying off, the enemys Soul strangler is gone with that, also the armor from Harklaw.
On my side, you can see that Grum Flameblade his armor is gone also, and Chaos Agent did recieve a hit, but it is not alot tho worry about!.

Extra Splinterlands.png

Round 3

Round 3.PNG

Another Round, another monster gone!
But this isn't my monster, yet again the double Sneak did the work it should do!
Other than my tank got a 2 damage hit, and Harklaw did recieve 5 damage, nothing really surprising happend this Round.

Another Round, another kill?

Extra Splinterlands.png

Round 4

Round 4.PNG

It is always a nice sight to see the stats of an own monster is going up!
Thanks to bloodlust my Grum Flameblade did just got some extra of everything!
And the blackline from the enemy is getting thinner and thinner, while mine still stands strong!
only 2 monsters to go!

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Round 5

Round 5.PNG

The last round is about to begin.
Also the Silent Sha-vi had to feel the power of the Sneakers, wich he didn't like.
but before he did left, he also took Chaos Agent with him, so call it a fair round.
well I only have just to show u guys the results, because Djinn Muirat will never beat all the monsters that he is facing now!

Extra Splinterlands.png

The Result & Conclusion!


Well as ecspected, Djinn Muirat took his time, but couldn't win.

I really like to use the fire Deck, it has alot of strong and high damage card's, but they come at a cost of alot of mana.
Next time I woudn't change to much, just becasue this is a nice set-up.
And yes, I did win, but it isn't always the case, you just have to lose sometimes, otherwise the game isn't fun, and u can't grow anymore!

Extra Big Fire.png

This was my Battle Challenge, I really like to put this posts together, and will do alot more of these in the future!

The link to the battle is here & if you are hyped and want to join the community, u can sign right up here.

Thanks again to the team of Splinterlands to make this great game!

Also a great Thanks to @kyo-gaming and @freeztag for making the great dividers in this and future posts
See that post over here and here

I'll Catch you guys in Silver II

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