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This week presented by Splinterlands
Share your Battle challenge Carrion Shade!

Before i get to excited to forget it,
I just promoted from Silver III to Silver II for wich i was missing some Combat Power the last few blogs.

so without further ado,
A tale from Silver II

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Thanks in advance for just to take a look on this post!
I really appreciate it.

This card of the week is a card wich I really never use, so just for the sake of this challenge (wich makes it fun to use some cards, even the one's u can find useless) I had to pick it in a battle with a Splinter where I don't own the best deck for.
It took a few Battle's to get a winning result (because why would I post an losing battle?) but, I managed it!

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Carrion Shade

So Carrion Shade a 1 mana card with 2 health,2 speed and 1 damage at LVL 1
Well to be fair, I never use this card, just because it only is a space filler "Meat shield"
where I can better use the 1 mana Creeping Ooze but this is my opinion.
(Creeping Ooze is an neutral monster and has an slow ability but no attack or what so ever but the Slow makes it very usefull).
But since i have the monster i can just try to Battle with it for this challenge.

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The rules for this Battle

The rules.PNG

This week's Battle gave me this ruleset.

Equal Oppertunity
All monsters have the Oppertunity ability.

Monsters with the Oppertunity ability may attack from any position and will target the enemy monster with the lowest health.

Rise of the Commons
Only Common and Rare monsters may be used in battles.

Fire,Earth,Life and Death Splinters available.

50 Mana

Quite a lot mana and before the battle started I could see that my enemy liked to use Obsidian a lot, so I hoped to countered him with taking Thaddius Brood wich wasn't the case...

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The Setup

The setup.PNG

The Splinters chosen where:


With my pick of Thaddius Brood I hoped that my enemy would pick obsidian but this wasn't that, so the only thing my Thaddius Brood will debuff is the Health that Tarsa will buff, wich is nice, but not the best pick for me at this time.

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Well with the Splinters shown to eachother the line-up follows.

the tank

When I use the Death Splinter I almost always have Cursed Windeku as tank because of the Thorns ability wich does damage the attacker (melee attacks only) and the high health of this card.
The 3 speed is also decent as tank so with this it makes a great card!


I picked this card for 2 reasons in this match:

  1. I hoped to face some magic damage dealers and this card's ability Void will reduce the magic damage by 1 point.
  2. With the Oppertunity this card deals a very good amount of damage.

Sadly i didn't face some magic damage dealers, but for reason 2 this card does a good job and helped me to victory.

Third in line

This card is placed in this fight to counter (what I not hoped) Melee attack damage by 1 point.
I placed it here to prevent it from getting damage early on, and normally I hope to get this card survive until their tank gone (wich is mostly melee attack damagers).
Also in this mode with Oppertunity, the damage is nice to have, and after sawing that my enemy uses Tarsa i knew i was lucky to pick this card.

Fourth card

Mainly I picked this card for the damage.
This card i won't use alot, because I got some better cards or more needed cards to play, the high mana makes it only sometimes playable (like now) and the Piercing ablilty is very welcome because otherwise all the damage will be absorbed by just the shield, wich with the Piercing the leftover damage will go trough the shield and into the health.
also the speed is a nice bonus to this card.

Almost the last

As my fifth card I choose Dhampir Stalker.
the ability from this card will make the attack's always hit and with only 2 speed this ability makes it way better.
also after the last monster I will pronounce in a few lines, this monster has the lowest health, so it will protect my high damage dealers a few more hits.
But before that, this card will definitely deal some damage around.

The Myth, The Legend, The Meatshield!

In the last spot, Card of the week Carrion Shade and for this battle we call this card Meatshield because... yeah he wont survive 1 Round but he takes the damage away form my damage dealers so for 1 mana this card does the trick.

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Let's Fight!

So we got an enemy Tarsa vs my Thaddius Brood

The line-up is as following:

Cursed Windeku VS Elven Defender
Bone Golem VS Living Lava
Disintegrator VS Disintergartor
Goblin Mech VS Radiated Brute
Damphir Stalker VS Tenyii Striker
Carrion Shade VS Antoid Platoon

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The Begin

Round 1.PNG

After The buffing/debuffing we can see that our Carrion Shade A.K.A Meatshield has the lowest health on my side, so the card will do for what it is called, and take a hit for the team.
At the enemy we see that Antoid Platoon has the lowest health, with an shield ability, wich absorbs melee and ranged damage by 1 point wich is a very smart choice to do it that way.

Well let's see the damage after round 1.

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Round 2

Round 2.PNG

Well as anticipated, Meat shield is gone, also my Damphir Stalker didn't survive the Round.
On the side of my enemy the back tank Antoid Plantoon has fainted, and I did some damage to his next in line lowest health monster Disintergrator.
And I can see that the enemy monsters are targeting my Bone Golem by the missing of his shield.
also the shield from Elven Defender is gone what is a good sign.

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Round 3

Round 3.PNG

At the start of Round 3 things are more in my favor than it was the last 2 Rounds
Cursed Windeku's Thorns ability is really nice , especially VS the lower health monsters who are targeting him, 2 damage in return can hurt alot and not every monster have enough healt to survive that damage.
Also my monsters got their full melee damage back, by defeating Disintergrator so after this Round it will be easier to get some kills!

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Round 4

Round 4.PNG

After The last Round we can see that having the damage to the full potential makes quite the different.
Cursed Windeku is on the last breath of the game, but with the Thorns he will atleast damage an enemy before he dies.
My back line seems still doing ok, so after this round I knew I will not lose anymore.

Check the last round

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Final Round

Round 5.PNG

Well the battle is over, with still some monster at full health it wasn't that hard of a game for wich I hoped was different in the begin.
But even with the wrong counter Splinter u can win the game, its just a little easier to have a counter if you know what the enemy will take, but by seeing this result, yeah Iám satisfied with this.

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This week was with an card, wich I generally never use, and in the future also won't.
but for the making of this post I like to do it and it gives a little twist sometimes, and even sometime u will see some true potential in a few cards, wich u otherwise didn't saw.

The battle went well, even with a wrong Splinter at my side, wich didn't hurt much, but it could be better.
The card itself just isn't it for me, but thats only my opinion, and mayby the card just really shine in your deck, who knows?

I like to play this Battle-events, and i really love it that the Splinterlands & Peakmonsters Teams give us this Challege's every week.

I'am looking forward to next week's challenge, and until that time u guys can find me Daily Questing and Battling in Silver 2

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Special thanks to Flauwy for the Dividers & other small images
here is the link for the free dividers & images


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