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Good day to you all!

Today I'll share my Battle of the Week - Chaos Knight Edition!

A tale from Silver III League



Chaos Knight.

In my opinion, the card itself isn't that bad, but also isn't that good.
3 Damage and 3 Speed at level 3 is nice (I got an Gold Foil edition) but the Armor and Health isn't that much.
The shield ability is really nice to dampen some damage, but in most of my battle's I wont use the card because of the higher Mana.
But in some game modes, the card will really shine its way to victory.
My opinion that I dont really love this card is just from the higher Mana, the rest is nice to have, but in most games I just can't place the card in the game because of better lower Mana monsters available.


This weekly Battle challange


For this Battle we got:

Holy Protection.
This gives all monsters Divine shield what means:
The first time the monster takes damage it is ignored.
This means that every first hit on every monster will not damage is any way.

Rise of the commons.
Only common and rare monster may be used in battles.
So with this we dont have any overpowered legendary or epic to face us, straight commons and rares.

Also we got an 40 Mana Battle with only Life, Death and Dragon Splinters active.


The setup

The Setup.PNG

This Battle we both choose an Life Splinter, it is General Sloan for me VS Mother Khala


General Sloan is my favorite pick for the Life Splinters because of the +1 to ranged damage.
Mother Khala is also a good choice but I dont think the +1 Health is a really good benefit versus the extra ranged damage.


First up at my team

Placed in the first position our Challange card: Chaos Knight.
With the 40 mana I knew my Life deck was better than my Death deck, so therfore my choice was clear, i needed to play Life.
With the higher Mana i wanted the best tank i could have in the first place.
The shield is really good for the first position, so this was a good choice.

Second team member

I placed this card in second place.
If my tank in first place would die for any reason, this card will take its place.
With the Taunt ability I also had placed the card in any other place because it will take almost all damage except the monster from the first place.
So if i put like Time Mage there she would only take 2 hits before she would die, therefore is my Shieldbearer in second place, only as security if my main tank dies.

Thirth Card

Life cards almost depends on slow's, the most damage comes from slower monsters, so a monster with slow in your team is really nice to have.
Also the Magic damage comes in handy sometimes to break trough some Health from armored monsters.
The reason why i placed this card in thirth place is because it gives the ranged monsters a little more turns before they reach the first place, and cannot attack anymore.

Number Four

For almost all Battles a really great addition.
A ranged damage dealer with The Tank Heal ability, heals the tank and does some damage, i like it.
Placed this card as fourth, because in front of this card are the tanks, after it the damage dealers with low health.
So as Time Mage this card also gives the damage dealers some more time to do damage if all the tanks are gone.

Fifth Card

This is the main damage dealer dor this game.
2 Ranged damage what will be 3 with General Sloan's buff off +1 ranged damage, wich makes the damage output of 6 per Round for this card. (this comes from the Double Strike ability wich makes this card attack 2 times a Round)
If i play with a Life deck, I always add this card to the line-up, just because he is really strong.
You just have to protect him from damage because he is really squishy with low Health but this is maked up with the damage output.

Last but not Least

This is a card I use really often.
The damage is nice, ecspecially because of the Snipe ability and with the buff from my Splinter Mantoid has 3 damage.
I placed this card as last, because of the possible Sneak monsters, and Mantoid can take a few hits with the 5 Health.

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The Battle

We have the Set-up, we got an enemy and are walking to the arena.
Now we have to see what the enemy have brought to us.

link to the Battle

Chaos Knight - Shieldbearer
Shieldbearer - Disintegrator
Time Mage - Shield Knight
Venari Crystalsmith - Supply Runner
Palecor Arbalest - Palecor Arbalast
Mantoid - Time Mage

So we see that most card are also used by the enemy team
The most used Keycards in Life in my opinion are: Shield bearer, Palecor Arbalast and Time Mage.

Divider Splinterlands small.png

The Begin

Round 1.PNG

With all the Buffs and Debuffs applied we are ready to begin.
You can see that Time Mage really put an hold on the speed, and that the ranged damage is nice and green, I really really love this color green.
The Debuff from Disintegrator puts an hold on the damage from my Chaos Knight and shieldbearer, but i didn't mind that to much, because my main damage is ranged and not melee.
They were both there to take some hits, all extra damage is welcome, but not necessary.

Divider Splinterlands small.png

Round 2

Round 2.PNG

You can clearly see that the extra damage is doing it's job.
The enemy Shieldbearer is almost dead, while I still have plente of Health on Shieldbearer and my main tank didn't get a hit thanks to the game mode Holy Protection.
This round wasn't bad for me, let's see what the next round offers.

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Round 3

Round 3.PNG

After the last round, we can see that we did an good job killing cards.
The enemy lost shieldbearer and Disintergrator the only tank left is Chaos Knight while at my team I only lost my shieldbearer and my tank had some damage to see at the shield what is down 1 point.
Here u can see the real potential of an extra point of damage VS an extra point of Health.

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Round 4

Round 4.PNG

Not much happend this round, Both our Chaos Knight got beaten, and mine got healed a bit but nothing much more interesting happend.
lets go forward to a round where someting will happen.

Divider Splinterlands small.png

Round 5

Final Round.PNG

Almost the last round. very interesting to see is that my team eliminated 3 monsters.
After Time Mage took out Chaos Knight it was easy for the rest to just do damage and take out some of the monsters.
If you can, and in most higher mana Battles I think you can better take some extra damage/armor than extra Health, therfore in low Mana Battle's (like 20 and down) extra Health is a nice bonus, but you can discuss about it if it is better than damage/armor.

Divider Splinterlands small.png

Well after that round the battle didn't do much more than killing Time Mage.
I like the comination of having a tank with a Shield ability monster, and a Healer in the backline, this can make or break ur game, but in this Battle I think I just won becasue of my healer placed there.



Well, this game was about Chaos Knight.
In this battle she won the battle for me, I think i will not change anything about this line-up, because it is good.
Good sustainability and good damage wich makes it great to use and win some battles.
Chaos Knight is a good tank, but i would prefer a more buffier tank (more health/armor).
On the other hand u can play this card for free, so it is an easy choice for most poeple to use this card other than cards between $5-$20 to be a good tank.
I will use the card more, but only in high mana battles, otherwise i lose valueble damage in lower Mana Fights.

See u guys next week again.

Thanks to the splinterlands team to make this available, I really like to Blog about this, and to contribute to get Splinterlands Known

Special thanks to Flauwy for the Dividers
here is the link for the free dividers

If you guys miss something or just want to say someting, leave a comment.
See you guys in Silver 3! for now!


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Thanks alot! i really appreciate it


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