Share your Battle - Dragon edition!

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Hello again! and thanks for reading my Blog!

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This week we got the challenge from the Splinterlands Team to make an awesome post about the Dragons from Splinterland.
So here comes a story about a few Dragons wich lived very peacefull before this writing!

A tale from Silver III

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This week we don't have just 1 specific card, but we got an whole Deck to choose from.
Wich is a huge bonus, because I really, really like the Dragon Deck, and without just trying to make a battle with a random choosen card in it, it makes it easier to just battle and make an awesome post for it!
In my opinion, Dragon is one of the best Splinter Decks out there, there comes a cost with it, and that is the price of cards, but they are really strong, and if playes well, There is a low change to lose the game.
Ofcourse you can lose, but that is possible with every single deck, you just can't always win!

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The Splinter Drake of Arnak is the choice for me (mostly because I don't have another Dragon Splinter and they become expensive really fast).
The +1 Armor is really nice in a lot of battles, because most low health monster provide from it (if there is nog magic Damage involved) because they can atleast survive a hit from ranged and melee Damage.

In this Battle I also added Zavax Vuul because why only have the Splinter from Dragon if they have really good other cards as well.
The high healt, with 3 speed and flying makes this card already good, 2 normal damage with recharge ability (This Monster attacks every other round but does 3x damage) so it makes it every time it attacks the card will deal 6 damage but the drawback is, it isn't every round.
Also the high mana is a minor setback, but it can handle some Rounds with the Flying/Speed combination.
This card can be really good, if you can hold it in the backline as long as possible to let it deal the most damage.

And after that I got Djinn "The King" Chwala.
In my opinion the best card in game, the health is good, the armor is very nice, great damage and also the Thorns ability, wich deal 2 damage melee to attackers when they attack this card
Poeple, this card is so strong, and it can win so much games by just putting the card in the front and let the enemy attack.
In fights where I only get 12 mana (lowest possible?) I just take him, and I think about 90% of the time it will result in a win.
And even in the high mana fights this card can make the difference between winning and losing.
I really am questioning why you don't see this card alot, because it is way to good and not even that exspensive to get a copy of it (about $0.60).
Because this card is that good (my opinion) I just renamed it for myself as The King.

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Ruleset for this Battle


This battle is a low mana battle, with 2 modifiers.

  • Noxxious Fumes
    All Monsters start the battle Poisoned.

This means, without a Immune ability or without a Cleanse ability all monsters will get 2 spell damage each time a Round is played. can be very deadly to low health monsters.

  • Stampede
    The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.

If you have a monster with the Trample ability (When a Monster with Trample hits and kills its target, it will perform another attack on the next Monster on the enemy Team) in normal fights this ability will only trigger once per attack, but in this set it can be more.

Fire,Earth and Dragon Splinters available.

20 mana

So 20 mana isn't that much, but you can make some nice setups with it.
With picking my Drake of Arnak I only hoped that the enemy would't get some Magic attackers.
Because that would totaly counter my monsters.

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The setup

The setup.PNG

So with only 7 monsters on the field, and weich of 3 will die in the begin of Round 2 due the poison this can't be a long fight so let's see the setup!

My Splinter

+1 armor to all monsters, you can't have enough armor!

The Tank, The Almighty, The king

If you go to play some Splinterlands, and end up with the Dragon Splinter, and do not use this card... u just miss out on some good oppertunity's.
I will never ever deal out any Financial advise at all, but you just have to try this card (also if you want to try the card, just message me and I'll can delegate The card to you for a few days just to try the card) this will make the climbing in ranks just way more easyer, and the game more fun to play a little bit higher in ranks.

Second in place!

If you have this card, use it whenever u can, it's free to place!
I always try to protect some lower health monsters with htis card,or if I play some ranged cards, it will buy some valueble time to get that hit's right in.
Best thing about this card is the 0 mana, and it's Neutral, so you can always play this card!

Third and last Dragon!

Zyvax Vuul well this is a dominant dragon.
The Recharge isn't my number 1 pick ability I like, especially VS armor monsters when u finnaly get to attack, and you only take away 1 armor.
But when u just hit, you hit them hard! also the speed of this card with combinated the Flying ability it will dodge alot of attacks, wich is always nice!

Last spot!

Also in the last spot is a 0 mana card! wich comes from the fire deck.
The difference between Furious Chicken and this one is that this card has some damage, and Furious Chicken does not.
Also, this one is cheaper (comes trough the fact that you can only play this one with a Fire Splinter, and the Chicken can be played with all splinters.)
I placed this card in the last spot to get some Sneak monsters attack on him, and that they dont hurt the Zyvax Vuul.

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The Battle!

The line-ups

Djinn Chwala VS Caladuum
Furious Chicken VS Goblin Fireballer
Zyvax Vuul VS Lava Spider
Scorch Fiend VS ---

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Round 1

Round 1.PNG

After the only buff in this game wich is the armor from Drake of Arnak we just begin the battle.
This was my first time seeing Caladuum wich was a immidiatly fear over me for losing this game.
Also with that fear, The golden LVL 4 Brighton Bloom just makes it more to fear for a loss.
but I also saw, that his second monster Goblin Fireballer will be gone after the first round, and that his Lava Spider is gone after the second. on my side it will be both Zero mana monsters.

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Round 2

Before Poison damage

Round 2 Before Poison.PNG

After Poison Damage

Round 2.PNG

At the begin of round 2, after the Poison damage you can see that the poison is something what makes the game interesting.
I lost both my zero mana monsters, and the enemy's **Goblin Fireballer did not survive.
And the armor from Caladuum is gone, and the Recharge is ready so next Round, Zyvax Vuul will thorn down his wrath!

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After Round 2

after Round 2.PNG

After Round 2, the 6 Damage did hit from Zyvax Vuul, so now we just have to await the Poison damage to do the work, and the battle is over!

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The Result


When I saw the Level 4 Gold Brighton Bloom I already thought I had lost the Battle.
But what I said earlyer, the most expensive card won't guarantee a win, wich was this case!.
Also this was the first time that I faced a Caladuum, wich will be a very strong card in a lot of battles, but just not good enough in this battle.

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So the Dragon Deck can be very strong in the right games.
but with all Splinters, what can be your greatest Strenght, can also be your greatest Weakness.
Dragon cards are good, but also it gets in the numbers fast if you want to have some cards leveled up.
I surely will be playing more with this cards, it just have to be a good oppertunity to do so, and not every game is viable for it.

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If you came so far with reading, that you are actually reading this, thanks! I just hope I'am not boring u with some loose words.

Splinterlands & Peakmonsters Thanks again for this weekly challenge, and I'll be waiting for next weeks!
Till then I will be battling for my daily quests in Silver II and Brawls with the guild

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Special thanks to Flauwy for the Dividers & other small images
here is the link for the free dividers & images


Lol, you were the first person in 2.5 years who put me up for beneficiary rewards because of my dividers. Thanks, very kind of you. Not required though. :)


No problem at all!
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