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A new week, A new challenge
And for this challenge we got:
Goblin Psychic




Before we start with talking about the game and ability's from the card ETC, let me say that this card is really awesome and i'am using the card alot.
It peformes really well in almost any nature battle, this because off the 3 magic damage u get if you play this card with Obsidian.
the Tank heal ability
A lvl 1 card isn't that great with only 3 health, but if you defend it well, you can atleast deal some nice damage and heal the tank (if needed).
As seen as above I placed an Gold Foil image here, this is because i have it, and play it whenever possible.
I have an lvl 2 Obsidian, and therefore i can play Goblin Psychic at lvl 3.

So all and all, long story short:

in this game:
-Goblin psychic
-Level 3
-5 Health
-3 Magic Damage*
-1 Speed
-Tank Heal

buffed by Obsidian *

The rules of the game where:

  • 44 Mana Battle
  • Spreading fury

after we know this, let us go to the setup for the game.


The setup.PNG

First off, we both use Obsidian as Splinter.
wich is a strong choice with the challange card, but also really strong in general.

After picking the Splinter we both seem to get:

Unicorn Mustang

Really strong card VS magic damage dealers because of the void ability, also with the 4 Speed this card will be missed sometimes by Ranged an Melee attack's, combine this with the 10 Health and you have a good tank card.
Second card, also for both:

Mycilic Slipspawn

Also a really strong pick for second place.
High Health, and with the Taunt ability a really good choice and with the 2 magic damage it can also hit form anywhere, wich is an nice addition to a tank.
After Mycilic, I have placed our card of the week

Goblin Psychic

In this setup, after 2 tanks he comes to his full charm.
He has always something to do
After Goblin Psychic I have placed another Tank healer:

Wood Nymph

With just a little less Health, a little less Damage, and a little less Mana this card is almost similar as Goblin Psychic, most used by me in low-mid Mana fight's but in this game a good addition.
The fifth in place will be:

Spirit Shaman

Wich I personally like because of the nice Health & Speed for the 4 Mana
And the ability Divine Shield makes it a bit stronger VS Sneak, Oppertunity and/or Sniper attack's.
And besides, with Obsidian 2 Magic damage

Last but not least:

Regal Peryton

Wich I placed in the last place, just to wend off some Sneak monsters.
The speed is almost insane, and with the flying ability the most low speed Sneak monsters miss, which is a nice addition.
Even with 40 Mana I feel confident about this setup, and trust this that I got a change to win.

With that, we got an battle between:

Unicorn Mustang | Unicorn Mustang

Mycilic Slipspawn | Mycilic Slipspawn

Goblin Psychic | Regal Peryton

Wood Nymph | Sand Worm

Spirit Shaman | Goblin Psychic

Regal Peryton | Uraeus

As you can see, the choice to playe Regal Peryton in last, and Spirit Shaman after is really paying off in this battle VS Sand Worm and Uraeus.


Round 1

Round 1.PNG

So before we start with the game you can see the monsters with the buffs.
here it begins, and after this screen i immediately saw the 2 Sneak monsters, wich where not fast sneakers, but the damage from Sand Worm is really deadly.

Round 2

Round 2.PNG

So after Round 1 you can see we already both lost our Mycilic Slipspawns (wich they where made for) and only both our Unicorn's are hit (and healed).
With the Ruleset Spreading fury you can see that the damage and speed is buffed alot wich makes this game interesting, and everything can happen.

Round 3

Round 3.PNG

After Round 2 u can see the aftermath of an Sandworm Hitting your monsters... Regal Peryton is just almost dead but after he is damaged, his speed went up to 8! so if the 2 speed Sneaker's try to hit him, with flying added to the speed, he is almost impossible to hit again, what gives me a little extra luck.
For the rest you can see that all the damage form my team is focused on Unicorn Mustang where the damage from the other team is scrambled on Unicorn and Regal.
And u can see the benefit of 2 Healers, otherwise my Unicorn only had 5 Health left.
let's do another round!

Round 4

Round 4.PNG

The Unicorn Mustang from my enemy is dead, wich gives my magic monsters their full damage on his Regal and other monsters.
My unicorn on the otherhand has full health again wich where u can see that the double heal can be really strong.
in the back nothing happend, because of the speed from my Regal the Sneak monters seems to miss alot.

In Round 4

The first attack kills his Regal Peryton, wich makes his Sand Worm the first spotter,
my Unicorn Mustang hit's sandworm, wich makes his attack an whopping 8, wich almost instantly kills my Unicorn.
I just wanted to show u guys the potential of the ruleset, wich can also be a disaster and really fast clean the table for high Health monsters.

Round 5 2.PNG

round 5

round 5.PNG

Well after losing Unicorn Mustang becasue of the 8 Damage Sand Worm attack, we only have 2 enemy's left, and got 4 myself, wich off I have 2 healers.
At this time I already knew the Battle was won.


the Result


With this, the Battle is done, I have won this time.
I think I have picked the right monsters for this Battle, and placed them right.
So if you have the Mana for it, I always try to bring the Goblin Psycich/Wood Nymph combo, they are really strong on their own, but even stronger together.


If you want to view the battle urself, take a look at here:

Share your Battle Goblin Psychic Edition


Thanks for reading, I hope u guy's like it, and for now u can find me questing in Silver 3
Leave a comment if you want to, I'always open to criticism, tips and trick also welcome!

See you all next week with another Share Your Battle

Special Thanks to flauwy for the divider
link to his post


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