Splinterlands - Chaos and Beta Cross Over Cards (Earth Splinter)



This is the fifth installment of a series of posts comparing Chaos and Beta cards based on Splinter. Today we will be looking at Earth splinter. Before we continue here are links of past splinters I have already made comparison on:

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Earth Chaos overview collection has (15) cards:


While Beta collection has (13) cards:


The numbers are actually wider with (1) summoner and (14) monsters for Chaos versus (3) summoners and (10) monsters for Beta.

Chaos and Beta Commons

Five commons in the Chaos set. On the opposite side Beta commons are:

The standouts in Chaos to be tankers are Venari Knifer and in some rare cases where mana match is low Hill Giant could be a tanker. The Thorn and Stun were the respective abilities for these monsters. To add Mycelic Morphoid would also have Thorn when it levels up to at least level three. Venari Scout is a useful middle monster with opportunity and so is Goblin Psychic with Tank Heal.

For Beta monsters Flesh Golem needs to be level three and up to get self heal while Rexxie needs to be level four to get Trample. When both of these monsters are at their respective levels with the abilities it is reasonable tankers in formations.

Just to compare within commons Flesh Golem has been a staple standard in Earth formations. There is no replacement from Chaos common but Venari Knifer with Thorn ability is reasonable substitute but no where near a replacement.

Chaos and Beta Rares

The chaos rares are pretty high in mana count therefore they would come out with pretty impressive stats. Goblin Tower would be a decent middle to rear monster as its has toughness and health, but a slow speed. Would be great for reverse speed matches. Same goes Mycelic Infantry working well in reverse speed matches. Mycelic is better as a tanker as it by default has shield and decent health combined with some toughness. Regal Peryton and Mycelic Slipspawn both are magic monsters with decent health. On top Mycelic Slipspawn has some nice abilities at max level:


Ideal placement would be middle to rear of formation to pretty much distract opponents towards it. The Forcefield ability is good against strong monsters but combined with Taunt it basically lures in many of the attacks onto itself. Mix it in with a tank heal monster like Goblin Psychic and we got ourselves are an enhance defensive combo.

On the Beta rares there are only three and one that really has some decent resemblance with Chaos series. Stone Golem is that card where it somewhat similar to Chao's Mycelic Infantry. They are both slow and high in health with some toughness. Furthermore they both have the same ability in shield at base level 1. Beyond that Beta rares Stonesplitter Orc and Earth Elemental do not really have comparisons to Chaos rares. Earth Elemental becomes a great rear monster when it has self heal from level 3 and higher. While Stonesplitter Orc fits well in tank position if one wants to use retaliate.

Chaos and Beta Epics

I need to start of with Chao's Grund in the epics since it has double strike. It is great for matches with rule sets such as opportunity or super sneak. The health on this monster may even allow it to be considered as a tanker. Then the other epics are ranged attack monsters in Acid Shooter and Hunter Jarx. Not to take anything out of these two epics the stats are reasonable for the manas they take up. Acid Shooter maybe chaotic with Scattershot but at max level it will introduce poison. While Hunter Jarx is has snipe which can be lethal considering at base level attack is 3 and at max it is a strong 5.

https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/cards_by_level/beta/Magi of the Forest_lv1.png

In Beta the Magi of The Forest and Swamp Thing gets its best use when matches are low in mana count. At level two and higher Swap Thing has range attack and add in slow ability at four it makes for a great back end monster. While Magi by default has a decent magic attack that simply gets even better at base level being 2 while at max it becomes 4.

Besides really that there are range monsters in both Chaos and Beta beyond that there is not much resemblance. The cards can potentially complement each other more than be similar replacements.

Chaos and Beta Legendaries

https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/cards_by_level/chaos/Fungus Fiend_lv1.png https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/cards_by_level/chaos/Queen Mycelia_lv1.png

https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/cards_by_level/beta/Spirit of the Forest_lv1.png

Let us start of with one of the rarest earth cards in the game and that is Beta's Spirit of The Forest. A fast attacking range monster with decent health. At level 3 it includes tank heal and at level 4 which is max it has protect. The card is design to be an attacker towards its enemies and a protector of its friendly monsters. Well for Chaos the Queen Mycelia is not that far off from its predecessors. At base level the Queen has protect but at level three it has Triage which heals middle to back end monsters. On top of that at level 2 it has Amplify and at level 4, max level, it has Rust to deflect magic attacks and reduce enemies toughness. I personally believe Queen Mycelia is a reasonable comparison to the likes of Spirit of The Forest.

To add in Chaos legends we also have Fungus Fiend which at max level includes slow ability. This can be stacked with multiple other Earth monsters with slow such as Swamp Thing, Mycelic Slipspawn, and reward card Spirit Druid Grog.

Chaos and Beta Summoners

As of now Chaos only has one summoner but rumors are a legendary summoner will follow suite in future air drops. For now it is one summoner in Chaos versus three in Beta.

Interesting to now have a summoner magic boost where as in the past Alric Stormbringer of the Water splinter was the only one with such a boost. The demand for Alric is still high at present day so there is big potential with Obsidian. There are plenty of high mana magic monsters that when combine with Obsidian maybe a force to be reckoned with.

https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/cards_by_level/beta/Lyanna Natura_lv1.png https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/cards_by_level/beta/Xander Foxwood_lv1.png https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/cards_by_level/beta/Prince Rennyn_lv1.png

The trio of Beta summoners are standouts even at present day. Xander Foxwood works great for low mana battles as each mana is extra to use on monsters will matter more. Then there is the rare Lyanna Natura with a health boost making it one of the most common summoners prior to the Untamed series arrival. Prince Rennyn is the most demanded legendary summoner besides Llama and since Prince is much more limited in copies it retains a higher price value than Llama. Also not to play down Prince's trio of boosts in range, speed, and health.

Overall both Chaos and Beta summoners don't really have overlaps but complement each other. The Chao's Obsidian fits well with the Beta summoners as a collection as each summoner has its benefits in particular matches.


Straight out of the gate it was difficult to find similarities between the Chaos Earths versus the Beta Earths. Yet as we went down the rarities we found some resimblances here and there in the form of usage. For instance common tankers in Beta such as Flesh Golem and Rexxie comparative to Venari Knifer of Chaos. Then there is the legendaries Spirit of The Forest and Queen Mycelia serving similar purposes in their own ways. They both protect their friendly monsters and fit well in rear of formation.

There is more complementary cards with both series than similarities. I would lean toward trying to own more of the Chaos Earth and Beta Earth cards rather than try finding substitutes.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!


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