Splinterlands - Most Expensive Cards Currently In Game?



With new Chaos Legions cards out for close to a month the amount of cards for sale in market is in excess of $150 million. Based on peakmonsters.com there is over $172 million in bids for cards in the market.


Out of curiousity I went looking for currently some of the most expensive cards offered on the market. I was a bit surprise by the results, but before I go through them I want add that some cards that are in existence that is not available in the market can not be determined of their actual value. The following cards lists are only based upon what is selling in current market as the most expensive based on cost over the DEC burn rate.

The reason I am using cost over DEC burn rate is because the card by default has an actual intrinsic value of DEC. Although some cards of similar rarity and series are worth the same DEC the actual demand for them differs in that some cards are more popular than others. The higher demand is creating the increase price value which is partly what we see in why some of the highest prices of cards are the way they are.

Most Expensive Cards Currently


It is surprising to see but Scared Unicorn gold foil is currently the most expensive card offered on the market. Of course scarcity of the card on the market is mainly the reason for its price, but actual value may likely be far less as this card remains on the market.


At $66,666 per bcx the gold foil Scared Unicorn indeed looks exclusive but I am assuming its price as such more for the sense of alluring unknown whales to the game thinking its the best card in the game and worth its price.

Following Scared Unicorn is Alpha gold foil Frost Giant which is offered at $58,800 per bcx.


This card although is very scarce as it is from the first ever series printed for the game it is actually not the most in demand alpha gold foil. In my opinion that falls on Gold Dragon or Spirit of the Forest.

The Alpha gold foil Screaming Banshee is another out of left park kind of card priced at $85,069.


Only an epic compare to the legendary ones discussed before the Screaming Banshee should fall in as one of the lesser cost out of all of them. Yet here we are with it being even more expensive than any of the other legendaries we discussed so far.

If there is anything consistent with all these cards listed is that they are all either only 1 or 2 cards offered on the market. The scarcity of the card in the market is what is the key reason such prices are seen. The actual demand for these cards is much less at these kinds of prices. In fact they will probably be in these prices for many many years before someone actually may offer to buy them. Who knows? I maybe wrong.

Most Expensive Summoners


The main reason why I even looked at most expensive cards in the game is because currently some of the most demanded and most expensive at resale values are the legendary summoners. How much is remarkable where all but a few of them are close or above 100x their DEC burn rate value.


The two most elusive regular promo summoners are none other than Prince Julian and Archmage Arius. Rumor to have only 100 of each in existence and each one max level there really is not much supply To even have either one of these cards still offered on the market is surprising enough but gold foil versions of either of them are no where in sight. The gold foil versions are only a handful in existence for either one of these cards.


The Untamed legendary summoners are some of the most pricey and demanding cards in current markets. With packs out of print the scarcity of these cards are rising while so is their demand. For instance Byzantine Kitty and Yodin Zaku are two of the most sort out summoners in the game and their price per bcx shows. Their price per DEC burn rate exceeds 100x.

Not to be out done there are a few other summoners that are also close to 100x DEC burn rate in price. One is Scarred Llama Mage and others are in the Beta legendary grouping.


Some of the first booster packs legendary summoners are in the Beta series. I remember the day when they were selling under $20 per bcx and boy do I regret not getting some back then. Now currently Valnamor, Crypt Mance, and Prince Rennyn are all close to 100x DEC burn rate in price.


With DEC price falling I was hoping to see overall cost of cards to drop a bit. Even though it has the most sought after cards and cards that are scarce is still asking for heavy premium. Even at current card prices there is very little chance that any card is not at least 2x the DEC burn rate. Very little is an understatement, it just not likely at all besides a couple of still in print reward cards. While lowest cost Untamed cards are around 5x DEC burn rate and Beta is close to 7x DEC burn rate. Top it off Alphas are close to 10X DEC burn rate. Repeat these are the lowest cost per series card!!!

It will be interesting as the game progress will effect the prices of the cards. Currently I believe it will only make card prices rise even further, but it remains to be seen as DEC price is still steadily in decline while the overall market cap of the card totals have come off all time highs. I will be watching still as I hope to snatch some decent deals at current market value if they indeed drop some. Would you not feel the same way considering how expensive some of the cards we saw in today's post?

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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