Splinterlands - My November Card Additions

It is near the end of another month and after December end of a year. Besides me adding a Lux Vega I have not added much more to strengthen my deck but I have added some to increase my passive income earning.

Buying Reward Cards

With the volatile price in DEC in recent weeks I have focused mostly on accumulating DEC instead of selling them for a lost. I foresee holding DEC being a positive gain in the long run as it will one day hit at or above parity. Until that day comes I have been finding ways to steadily accumulate more of the token.

One method I have been using is purchasing cards near its burn rate. In the past month I have a handful of purchases where I am +/- 300 DEC in purchase price compared to the card's DEC burn rate. How did I do this? Read post here.

With multiple max level reward cards I get to rent out the duplicates and earn daily passive DEC income. As of now my Chaos Legions rewards cards renting out is near a total of $120 in value and renting out at close to 25% APR.

If I were to rent out all my Chaos reward cards I would likely double the DEC as my total net value is closer to $240. Still I am to stay competitive in the game rather than focus only on earning passive income.

Positive Feedback Loop

Renting out my cards has been earning me DEC income daily. On average I am earning around 2,800 DEC daily with a grand total average of near 38,000 DEC per a season. All in all I use the proceeds to purchase more cards and continue what some investors call it a positive feedback loop.

The positive feedback loop is my daily earned DEC is saved towards future purchases of new Splinterlands cards thereby increasing my overall DEC net worth in the form of cards. I have almost 70% of my entire collection in rewards cards so this paints a clear picture of what I have been doing in amassing cards.

This November I have mainly focused on accumulating DEC because it is under par. In the meantime I am also creating revenue in the markets as I continuously buy and rent out cards to grow my overall collection. I will likely maintain this positive loop until either DEC prices have risen close to par or above par.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!


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