Splinterlands - State of Splintertalk's NFTs?


For some that are unaware there is a Splinterlands tribe on the Hive blockchain.


Post anything and everything related to Splintertalk.io and use tags such as spt and splinterlands to earn spt tokens through upvotes. On the seventh day of post spt rewards are distributed. 50% goes directly to the author of post and 50% split among the curators based on their voting weight.

The utility of spt token when it was first introduced was mainly staking to earn more. Since the tribe and native token introduction there has been many other forms of use of the token that has popped up. Some of the uses were pretty recent. One of which is splintertalk's own NFTs.

Around late summer of this year 2021 Splinterlands started selling Splinterlands NFTs through Splintertalks. The NFTs are collectables and limite in quantities. The most interesting part of it is they could only be purchased and sold with SPT.


The Untamed Jungle was one of the first NFTs and only 100 were printed. Starting price of each was 2000 SPT. In a matter of three months since they are selling now at 20,000 SPT.

First Print Sales


Present Day Sales


Some extremely expensive NFTs relative to SPTs were immediately sold out.



At 300,000 SPT that is equating close to $1,800 at current prices. Only 5 ever printed and the most expensive one was sold at 300,000 SPT two months ago.

There are plenty of other NFTs within reason, starting at 5k SPT, up to very limited ones to go way over 100k SPT. All of them have an animation to them
and runs for approximately 5 seconds. The most interesting part about the NFTs is that they are setup with InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).


I am not sure if the real Splinterlands playing cards have IPFS on them however the ones in Splintertalk.io clearly states they do have IPFS. In a short definition IPFS is a method to place a digital signature on an image. The digital signature on the image is forever attached making the image one of a kind. This is the current way of confirming the authenticity of an NFT.

If interested more info of IPFS can be found in link below:




Splintertalk.io NFT sales have gain traction over the months since its introduction. This is proven due to their continuous post of new NFTs almost only a weekly basis. There is a whole slue of NFTs sold from Splinterlands official hive account and there is a market where people can buy and resell the NFTs.

The main reason I was able to write this post about Splintertalk's NFTs is because I just learned I have one in my collection.


Feeling Lucky? is the NFT I poses and apparently I won it through a twitter promotion.


What gets really crazy is that the NFT was first introduced over a month ago and only 1,000 of it was ever printed. At current pick prices it is selling for 4,000 SPT. That is close to $24 at present value! Look forward to earning more of these NFTs in the future and holding them for longer periods. Apparently I may have won this NFT through a Splinterland's twitter promo.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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