Managing Your Splinterlands Card Collection with PeakMonsters: A Guide to the "My Cards" Section

The "My Cards" section of PeakMonsters is where you can view and manage your Splinterlands card collection. Here are some of the key features of this section:

Card List: The main section of "My Cards" displays a list of all the cards in your Splinterlands collection. You can sort the list by various criteria, such as card name, level, and value.

Card Details: Clicking on a card in the list will bring up a detailed view of the card, including its stats, abilities, and current market value.

Filtering: You can filter your card collection by various criteria, such as card type, rarity, and level. This makes it easier to find specific cards or groups of cards.

Value Tracking: PeakMonsters tracks the value of your card collection over time, so you can see how your investments are performing. You can view value charts for your entire collection or individual cards.

Selling Cards: If you want to sell a card, you can do so directly from the "My Cards" section. Find the card you want to sell and click "List". Set your desired price and the card will be added to the PeakMonsters marketplace.

Overall, the "My Cards" section of PeakMonsters provides a comprehensive view of your Splinterlands card collection, as well as tools to manage and upgrade your cards. Additionally, the value tracking and marketplace integration make it easy to monitor the performance of your investments and participate in the trading of Splinterlands cards.


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