PeakMonsters 101: Understanding the Basics of the Splinterlands Marketplace and Inventory Management Tool

PeakMonsters is a third-party marketplace and inventory management tool for the Splinterlands collectible card game. Here are some of the basics of PeakMonsters:

Marketplace: PeakMonsters serves as a marketplace where players can buy and sell Splinterlands cards using cryptocurrency. Users can place buy and sell orders for specific cards, or browse listings to find cards that fit their needs.

Inventory Management: PeakMonsters also provides a suite of inventory management tools for Splinterlands players. Users can view their card collections, track card values over time, and manage their listings on the marketplace.

Account Linking: To use PeakMonsters, players must link their Splinterlands account to their PeakMonsters account. This allows PeakMonsters to access the player's card collection and transaction history.

Fees: PeakMonsters charges a fee for transactions on its marketplace, which varies based on the type of transaction and the amount of the transaction. The fees are paid in cryptocurrency, and are deducted from the user's account balance.

API: PeakMonsters provides an API (application programming interface) for developers to build custom applications and tools using PeakMonsters data.

Overall, PeakMonsters provides Splinterlands players with a convenient and efficient way to buy and sell cards, as well as manage their card collections. Additionally, the marketplace can help to provide liquidity for Splinterlands assets, making it easier for players and investors to trade and exchange cards.