Good Perspectives for SPS

LeoDex Market

Hi everyone! Splintershards are gaining ground this month, being right now at a value of around $0.082, which is approximately 0.14 HIVE.

I think the token will grow more and more, especially considering Splinterlands' users are using the token in the game. Although the Airdrop came to an end, SPS can still be acquired by Splinterlands' players.

A lot of users also staked SPS to gain more and even to participate in Splinterlands' events.

Splinterlands SPS Management

The utility of the token seems to be a key factor when deciding to invest in SPS. So, I would say it is time to acquire more SPS now while the token is still at a low value.

People are constantly selling and buying SPS right now. So, the market is on track. Have a great journey!