My First Prize on a Splinterlands Tournament this Year


Hi everyone! If you're thinking about what to do at 6.30 in the morning at the end of the week, you can as well join a Splinterlands Event hahah 😊
I have been lately played in some tournaments without too much success, but this one was a lucky one, still well-deserved.


I am not quite a Novice in Splinterlands and although I still have a lot to learn yet, I don't say No to tournaments I am available to join and without being too expensive. So, this one was 1Dec per entry and I won 10Decs which is not bad, given the little amount of Decs invested. Besides the Decs, you win a lot by accumulating more experience, of course.


My opponent who defeated me finished the game in 3rd place, so it was a good game for me. However, most of the participants are not quite Novice in these games, so it adds more to the value of your game.

On the other side, a lot of contests are not easy to follow given the hour (it was something unexpected to be awake at such a morning hour) and sometimes the high entry prices.

But of course, there are tournaments for all sorts of players. I really encourage people to participate in such events. Even if you don't win, you get experience. Anyway, being qualified and even winning a place is also a very great thing.


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