My Winning Trio for Earth Quest


Hi everyone! I usually play with Magic Elements, but this time I didn't have much DEC to rent my Magic Cards, so I tried something new.

Besides discovering new cards, I am quite proud of my new Earth Trio that wasn't even that expensive as Magic cards tend to be sometimes.

So, here are my favourites:

FERNHEART is an interesting summoner that gives you +1 Life and the Close Range Ability for all your cards. So, that's a great think if you consider introducing Ranged Attack cards in your deck.

Another efficient card is Minotaur Warlord

because it doesn't only have a powerful Melee Attack, but also the ability to reduce magic attack back to the attacker.

Finally, Spirit of the Forest has great elements: it is fast and has flying and snipe ability.

The life you ''invest'' in these cards is also quite small considering the advantages it gives you.

Here is the link of a battle in which I used these cards while fighting with an opponent who also used Earth elements:

All images are part of Splinterlands Game
Collage made in Canva