SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! How I won with ANIMATED CORPSE vs Magic



Hi everyone! It was a real challenge to use Animated Corpse this week because I rarely use it. However, I was lucky enough to win from the beginning with Animated Corpse versus Magic and I am quite satisfied with the strategy I applied.

So, here is the main protagonist for this week:


Animated Corpse
Melee 2
Speed 1
Life 6

A fledgling Dark Eternal is also known as an Animated Corpse. Emerging from the Tar Pits of Creation in the Southern Waste of Mortis, each fledgling must first shed what remains of its mortal flesh. While in decay, the Animated Corpses are placed on the front lines to speed their transition.Splinterlands

Animated Corpse is not an easy-to-play card in front of the team, but let's see how things have gone in my battle.

So, for my battle, I have chosen Zintar Mortalis as a Summoner and the following cards: Animated Corpse, Elven Mystic, Skeleton Assassin, Undead Priest, Death Elemental, and Twisted Jester.

Mana : 27
Game conditions : Little League, Earth Inactive


On the other side, my opponent used Alric Stormbringer Water Summoner with common magic cards, a common range attacker (Centaur), and Spineback Turtle in front of the team.

You can watch the battle on this link here



####First, I was very lucky with the game's conditions. Playing in the little league has exonerated me from confronting much stronger cards from the part of my opponent. Moreover, I am not sure why my opponent didn't use more magic cards in his game. I would have replaced Centaur with a Water card. Overall, it was a great challenge and game. I might consider more using Animated Corpse in my future battles.

Good luck and best achievements in your games!