Crystal Jaguar Mauls The Competition!


Every week, @splinterlands posts a challenge for players to post about their battle, using a specific card or splinter. This week’s challenge, is to use Crystal Jaguar 🐆


No armor or heal abilities allowed

Here is my battle:

Watch Via YouTube:

So, here was the team I put together:

Since, Crystal Jaguar is a Life Monster, I began by choosing my summoner. I picked, Tyrus Paladium- a powerful Life Summoner! Tyrus is at level 5 and adds armor to each friendly monster!! However, the rule sets make the armor buff moot!

A Khymerian prophecy says that a chosen hero will rise from humble beginnings to wield the Silver Shield and the Silver Sword, uniting the world against evil. Whispers in Khymeria say that Tyrus Paladium, the talented summoner who began as a fisherman is that chosen hero.

I was already feeling confident, but let’s get to my monster line-up!

My Monster Lineup

In my tank position, I chose Crystal Jaguar! This card is from the Life Splinter and has ok stats, but I really like the thorns ability, which When hit with a Melee attack, does damage back to the attacker.

Furious Chicken followed. I mainly chose the Chicken 🍗 because it cost no mana and added health to the team!

I then chose, Silvershield Bard for no other reasons but her low mana and cleanse ability. Cleanse Removes all negative effects on the Monster in the first position on the friendly team. T

Creeping Ooze was chosen to be in the fourth position. I chose Ooze for his ability to Slow down the enemy and his low mana was a high help!

Air Elemental, anchored the team. I chose this card mainly for the devastating range attack and awesome speed. The heath was just OK. Air Elemental had a wicked attack!!

My battle only went 4 quick rounds, and I didn’t even lose any monsters. I was very happy with the team I assembled, and was very pleased with my victory ✌🏽

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