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Hello folks, how are you. lets go to write your battle or your thought about splinterlands and join Social Media Challenge to earn more rewards. In this post i want to share about my experience to used monster with scavenger ability in posion rules. Do you know about scavenger ability ? scavenger ability is a monsters with this ability can gain 1 max health when any monsters dies. In this post, i want to share my experience plying battle used monsters with scavenger ability. frankly speaking, I actually feel really bothered when my enemies use monsters with this ability.


There is 3 monsters with scavenger ability from chaos legion edition that i have on my deck, i hope i have more monster with max level, LOL. Here you can see on the tabble bellow :

Antoid PlatoonIza the FangedRiftwing

So, at this time i want to use Antoid Platoon at level 6 and at this level this monster have scavenger ability. Lets see on the rules.



Based on battle preparation, we can used 26 mana cap and 5 elements can choose in the battle field. That elements is Fire, Water, Earth, Life, and Death. Beside of that we have 3 ruleset, First is poison : All monsters start the game poisoned and will take 2 damage each, useless if your monsters clean or have immutable ability. The second rule is weak magic : all magic monster reduce the armor first. The last rules is little league : we only can used monsters or summoner with 4 or less mana. So, here is my lineup :


SummonerFirst, i put a rare summoner from chaos legion editio belongs to fire unit, that is Tarsa who can give +1 health and +1 malee damage to each friendly monsters. Tarza need 4 mana cap to bring on the battle field and the buff is really good for team. Especially in little leauge rules.
1st PossitionIn first possition i put a reward card who have high speed called Exploding Rats. I put this monster at level 5 and at this level he have 6 speeds and i hope he will attack first in battlefield. As a small monster, he have 3 malee damage and blast. This monster also have redemtion, and can give -1 health point to each enemy monsters.
2nd PossitionVenari-Marksrat (1).jpgIn the second possition, i put a soulbone reward card called Venari Marksrat. In basic lavel this monster have martyr ability. This ability very usefull to increased stats monsters. Venari Marksrat is a rare monster from soulbone reward and belongs to neutral. As a neutral monster, he can be used with any other monsters.
3rd PossitionNext possition, i put my fav monsters that is Antoid Platon at level 6. Antoid Platoon is a common monster from chaos legion edition belongs to fire unit. As a scavenger monster, this monster very usefull when used in low mana rules.
4th PossitionIn 4th possition, i used Scavo Chemist to cleanse my monster in first possition. Scavo Chemist is a common monster from chaos legion edition belongs to fire unit. I used this monster when in poison rule and need small mana cost.
5th PossitionMoving on the next possition, i put an epic reward card called Uraeus. I heve this monster at level 4, and on this level he has poison and sneak ability. Uraeus is a neutral monster so when i used with Tarsa, he have 3 malee damage to kill monster from behind possition.
6th PossitionNext possition, i put Scavo Firebolt to give more damage. I have this monster at level 5, he is a rare monster from chaos legion belongs to fire. He didn't have ability but he has 3 range damage at this level.


After you see the lineup lets go to the battle. In this battle, my opponent also using Tarza as summoner but she/he used different monsters lineup. If you want to see full match, lets click this link or you can see the gif bellow. This battle is divided into 4 rounds and you can see each round in the gif below.

Round 1

scavenge 1.gif

In the first round each summoner and monster give each other buffs and debuffs to all monsters. In first position, my opponent also used Exploding Rats to attack at the start. Due to losing their turn, my Exploding Rats finally lost first and gave a redemption effect to all my monster opponents. After attacking each other, at the end of this round me and my opponent had 4 monsters left to fight in the next round.

Round 2

scavenger 2.gif

Entering the second round, my mainstay monster, the Antoid Platoon, which has received an increase in stats due to the martyr effect and will get a cleanse, will become the key in this battle. My enemy's Scavo Chemist was killed after taking damage from my Scavo Firebolt. At the end of this round, I still had 4 monsters left and my enemy had 3 more monsters left in the arena.

Round 3-4

scavenger 3.gif

In the third round, after being poisoned some of us were left with 2 monsters each. Entering the fourth round, one of our monsters has fallen due to a poison effect that reduces health points. I have the Antoid Platoon and my opponent has Venator Kinjo which has the ability to be immune to poison. But it only has a few health points and it's easy for me to overthrow. By the end of round four, I was able to win this battle.


The Scavenger ability is a great ability to use in low mana cost and poison battles. In the match above each of us used monsters with scavenger abilities, but my monsters got a cleanse effect so they couldn't be poisoned at the end of the round. Scavenger is a key but it is useless if the user cannot be cleansed of the poison that is attached. So, do you like using scavenger ability in poison rules? lets comment bellow.

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Thank you for taking time to read my post, if you want to earn crypto, lets play splinterlands by click this link and dont forget to write your battle and earn more.


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