Strong When You Are Alone - Tinderlock is Not Easy to Beat - Social Media Challenge

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Hello floks, Back again with the post that I dedicate to take part in the social media challenge hosted by Splinterlands. We see the crypto market starting to look like a bull market starting soon, and one of the splinterlands government tokens has graduated to be listed on the top global exchanges. I predict there will be an increase in asset values in some of the assets in Splinterlands. Today i want to share my experience with Tinderlock, a rare monster from Rift edition. Based on stats we see on JPG bellow.


As a rare monster, You can used this monster level 2 in bronze league. At this level Tinderlock have 3 range damage with last stand and close range ability. When you moving up to Silver league, you can used this monster at level 4 and at this level, Tinderlock have 1 more ability that is silence, to reduce magic damage. At gold league, you can used at level 6, and at this level he has more Health point. At level max, Tinderlock have Deathblow ability, this ability give 2x damage in the last monster in the battlefield.



On the battle rules, we have 3 rules in the battlefield. First, Silenced Summoners : Summoners do not give any stat buffs or debuffs or grant/use any abilities. The second rules, Keep your distance : Monsters with Melee attack type can't be used.. The last rules, Unprotected : Monsters do not have any armor and do not get armor from Abilities or Summoner Buffs. Mana cap is 41, so we can used monsters with huge mana cost and we all can used all element monsters except water unit. So, based on the rules, here is my lineup.


SummonerFirst of all, we need a summoner to summon friendly monsters in battlefield. I put Tarsa because i have some monsters that really cool in this ruleset. Even based on the rules Tarsa cant give buff, i love to used fire unit ti beat my opponent in the battlefield.
1st PositionIn the first position, i put a rare monster from chaos legion edition belongs to fire unit, that is Molten Ash Golem because this monster has huge health poin and have close range ability, so he can attack from first position. II just have this monster at level 4 and he has 10 health point with 2 range damage.
2nd PositionIn the next position, i put Lava Launcher at level 3. Lava Launcher is an epic monster from reward edition. This monster has huge damage, huge health point, huge armors and have close range ability. In next level he has stut ability and thats ability is so awesome.
3rd PositionPyrewatch-Devil.jpgMoving on next position, i put a monster from soulbone rewards, that is Pyrewatch Devil at level 2. At level 2 this monster has life leech ability and thats why i put this monster in this position because to hold the tank before my monster dies. Pyrewatch Devil is a rare monster from soulbone rewards and belongs to fire unit.
4th PositionMoving on 4th position, i put an epic monster from chaos legion edition belong neutral unit. Thats is Magi of Chaos, this monster have 3 magic attck at level 3 and he has no ability even you combine this monsters up to max level.
5th PositionVenari-Marksrat.jpgIn 5th position, i put Venary Marksrat at level 2, I put this monster because he has Martyr ability, when he die, the next monster will increased stats. Venary Marksrat is a rare monster from soulbone rewards belongs to neutral unit.
6th PositionIn the last position, i put the main monster in my lineup, that is Tinderlock at level 4. In this level, Tinderlock has 3 ability thats usefull in keep your distance rules that is Last stand, close range, and silence ability. I combine Last stand ability with Martyr so look how they perform in the battlefield,


After you see the lineup, lets we move on the match. You can going the match by click this link or you can see the gift bellow :

Round 1

tinder part 1.gif

Lets we start the battle, in the round 1 all monsters give their buff and debuff to each monsters. My opponent use dragon unit and focus on magic damage. In the end of this round, my opponent lose the Pelacor Conjurer and the result i have 6 more monsters and my opponent have 5 more monsters.

Round 2

tinder 2.gif

Moving on the next round, I lose Molten Ash Golem in this round and i have miss when Tinderlock attack the Void Dragon. Thats hurt because i miss 3 damage on Void Dragon. In the end of this round, each of us still have 5 more monsters in battlefield.

Round 3

tinder 3.gif

Round 3, my Venary Marksrat is dead and actived the martyr ability to Agent of Chaos and Tinderlock have +1 stats. My Tinderlock has defeated Void dragon but my Lava Launcher has defeated in this round. In the end of this round i just have 3 more monsters and my opponent still have 4 more monsters.

Round 4

In round 4, i lose my Magi of Chaos and make Tinderlock standing alone to fight 4 more monsters alone. This part looks i will lose in this battle, but because Tinderlock have last stand ability, he has more health point to fight.

tinder 4.gif

Round 5-9

tinder 5.gif

In round 5 until round 9, my Tinderlock fight alone. In round 5, Chaos Dragon has defeated first. In the next round Tinderlock kill Time Mage from my opponent monster and Tinder lock still life. In round 8 my Tinderlock have hatrick after kill Djinn Renova and im so lucky because when Venary Cristalsmith attack Tinderlock, the damage got miss so i can get win in this battle.


I think Tinderlock is the most must have monster in your inventory deck, he is so usefull when you meet keep your distance rules because he has huge damage and they have ability to make him strongger. The price is so cheap in market, you can get this monster on $0,79 per BCX.

harga tinderlock.png

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Thank you for visiting my blog, lets play awesome splinterlands game by click thic Link.


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