The Strongest Though Unable To Attack - Baakjira - Social Media Challenge

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Hello Folks, welcome to my post. As always, i do this post to participated on Social Media Challenge, lets earn more hive and HBD just by share your thought about Splinterlands game. At this time, i want to share my legendary fav monster from chaos legion edition that is Baakjira.

First time i see this moster, I'm not that interested in it. but when I look at the overall stats, I want to own this monster and increase the level as much as I can because this monster is very useful in certain rules. Up to now, i have my own Baakjira at level 3 and i can play this monster in gold leauge.

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Based on the stats, at level 1 Baakjira have 11 health point, no attack, and have 2 ability that is slow and void. At basic level i This monster feels awkward to use on the battlefield because even though it has high health points, it cannot attack. At level 2, this monster have +1 health poin and strengthen ability, at this level he look more strong that before. When you have this monster at lev2l 2, you can used at selver leaguge. Then at level 3, Baakjira have more ability that is heal and have +1 health point. At this level, Baakjira looks awesome. The last on max level, Baakjira have more +3 heatlh point, looks this monster awesome. Then, lets move on battle preparation.


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Lets look at battle rules, there is 3 rules with 56 manacap and we can used Fire, Water, Earth, and dragon unit. 3 rules that is the first rule is Briar Patch : all monsters have thorn ability. The second rule is Unprotected : Any monster dont have armors and cant give any armors to each friendly monsters. The Third rule is Aim True : Attack always hit their target. Based on the rules, I went against the rules a little by bringing a summoner who can provide armor, namely Kelya Frendul and I will bring a water unit. So, here is my lineup.


SummonerI put Kelya Frendul as summoner because he can give +1 speed and +1 armor to each friendly monsters. Speed is a key to get win in battlefield so that why this summoner is so cute in battlefield. Kelya Frendul is a rare summoner from chaos legion edition belongs to water unit.
1st PossitionThe main monster in this post, i put Baakjira in first possition as a tanker. I have Baakjira at level 3, and in this level this monster has huge heatlh point at 13. Beside of that this monster have strengthen and heal ability make this monster very dificult to defeated.
2nd PossitionIn the second position, i put Flying Squid as a common monster because this monster has reach ability. At level 6, this monster have 3 malee damage and blind ability. Blind ability increase the possibility of an attack from the opponent to miss.
3rd PossitionKulu-Mastermind.jpgMoving forward, i put a legendary monster from soulbone rewards belongs to water unit, that is Kulu Mastermind. I have this monster at level 2 so he has weapon training, opportunity and shield ability. At this rules, weapon training maybe cant used in battlefield but opportunuty and shield still work in battlefield.
4th PossitionI put Wave Brood at 4th position, Wave Brood is an epic monster from chaos legion edition belongs to water unit, I heve Wave Brood at level 2 and he has taunt ability with huge health point. In future i need to leveling up this monster to get more stats.
5th PossitionI put nerissa Tridawn in 5th possition to give more magic damage to my opponent monsters. Nerissa Tridawn is an epic monster from chaos legion edition belongs to water unit. Same with Wave brood as an epic, but Nerissa Tridawn didnt have any ability even im leveling this monster.
6th PossitionIn the last possition, i put an monster with so huge malee damage with poison ability and opportunity ability that is Deeplurker. Deeplurker is a common monster from chaos legion edition belongs to water unit. I like to combine this monster with Kulu Mastermind so they can give more damage to monsters with have lowest health point.


After you see the lineup, lets we move on the match. You can see full match by click this link or you can see my gif bellow.

Round 1

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In the first round, each monsters and summoner give their buff and debuff to each monsters. Because the rules, my Kelya Frendul cant give any armor to my monsters. In this round, i kill Vruz as the lowest health point. In the end of this round i have 6 more monsters and my opponent have 5 more monsters in battlefield. Unfortunately, some of my monsters have reduced their health points a lot due to the impact of the ability thorn. But it doesn't matter and the fight continues.

Round 2

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Moving on round 2, i have kill 2 monsters in this round. First Supply runner defeated after recieving malee damage from Kulu Mastermind and second monster is Robo Night Dragon after recieving damage from Deeplurker. Dua combo opportunity doing well job in this round. In the end of this round, my opponent still have 3 more monsters and i still have 5 more monsters.

Round 3

Baakjira 3.gif

this round is very exciting, in this round many monsters fall on the battlefield. On my side, my monsters died because they took a lot of damage from the ability thorn. in the end i have 3 monsters and my opponent only have one monster left.

Round 4-6

Baakjira 4-6.gif

In the next round, one by one the monsters behind me started to fall due to the blast effect from the Chaos Dragon, but Baakjira still looked dashing in first place. At the end of the sixth round, there was still one monster left from both sides.

Round 7-end

Baakjira end.gif

In the seventh round, I have Baakjira against Chaos Dragon. Chaos Dragon cannot defeat Baakjira because besides having void abilities, Baakjira also has healing abilities. In the end the Chaos Dragon fell because of the fortigue. In the end Baakjira can win even though he can't attack.

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