When the Martyr Becomes Bloodust's Sacrifice

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Hello Spliterlands lovers

Welcome back to my post, how are you? a few days ago there is drama about SPS which will be listed on the top global exchange. The end result was that the proposal to use 20M SPS for listing on the exchange was not passed. But, at this post i just want to share about martyr ability. Everybody know that this ability is awesome, Martyr can increase the stats of monsters beside him. if you place monsters with this ability well then your opponent will feel overwhelmed. but if the placement is not right then it will only sacrifice monsters in vain. Here is thr best way to used martyr :

Martyr + Bloodust

Bloodust is the ability to get +1 stats when the monster killed enemy monster. Martyr and Bloodust is awesome combo in battlefield, the monster with Bloodust will get +1 stat after Martyr monster dies.

Martyr + High Damage Monster

Monsters with high damage are very scary when they are affected by Martyr ability. Besides that he has high damage and if he is hit by the Martyr effect it will increase the damage to the monster next to him.

Martyr + Ressurect

Ressurect ability can brought back to life with 1 health, that means Martyr's ability will work twice when the monster with Martyr dies twice. It was very troublesome because the monster next to him would have a 2x increase in stats. To be honest the combo of this skill and combined with bloodust is a very deadly combo.

But, in this case, i want to share my battle when my opponent fed the Martyr monster to awaken Bloodust which was owned by my monster. Lets check it out.

Battle Preparation

rules martyr.png

Based on Battle preparation, we have 52 mana cap and we can used monster with have high mana. We can used all monsters from any unit, except water unit. In the rules we have 3 ruleset in this battle field that is : Super Sneak, Aimless, and Healout. Based on that rules we can used any monster Malee, Range, or Magic, and this time i choose to put fire unit, here is my line up.

My Lineup

SummonerFirst, i put Tarsa as summoner to summon my monster in this battlefield. Tarsa can give +1 malee damage to all friedly monster and based on the rules all malee monsters have sneack ability. Tarsa can give +1 Health point this makes monsters last longer in battle.
1st PositionIn first position, i put a legendary monster from chaos legion called Grum Flameblade. I put this monster because he has huge malee damage and have ability to protect from magic damage. Grum Flameblade also have bloodust ability to increased his stats when kill an enemy monster.
2nd PositionIn second Position, i put an epic monster from chaos legion edition called Forgoten One. As an epic monster at level 3 he has anti malee ability called Retate. Beside of that he has huge malee damage and armors.
3rd PositionIn the next position, i put Lava Launcher in 3rd position. I used Lava Launcher at level 4, at this level this monster have close range and stut ability. This monster have 4 range damage and this is so huge damage.
4th PositionIn 4th position i put Tinderlock at level 4. At this level Tinderlock so powerfull, He has 3 range damage with close range ability. As support Tinderlcok have silence ability that can give -1 magic damage to all enemy monsters.
5th PositionMoving on the next positon i put an epic reward card called Uraeus at level 4. At this level this monster have poison ability. This ability is a very troublesome ability because poison-affected monsters will reduce -2 health points for each round.
6th PositionIn the last position, i put an epic card from chaos legion edition from fire unit called Tusk the Wide. As an epic card at level 3, this monster have void ability and have huge HP. This is the reason I put the monster to be a tank in the final position.

The Match

After we see the lineup, lets move on the battle bellow. You can see by click this link or you can see the gif bellow :

Round 1

martyr round 1.gif

My opponent use life unit and mostly he used monsters with range attack. In first round all monsters and summoners give their buff and debuff. Because the rule is aimless then the monsters attack with magic and attack range randomly, while the monsters with malee attack the opponent who is in the back position. At the end of round 1 none of the monsters fell and each of us still had a complete monster on the battlefield.

Round 2

martyr round 2.gif

Damn, in second round my Tusk the Wide takes -12 damage from Uriel the Purifier, so big damage. But Tusk the Wide still had 2 more HP left. After that Uriel the Purifier get the Martyr effect and increase its stats while on my side Grum Flameblade can activate bloodust after killing monsters with the martyr ability. In the end of this round, I still have 6 more monsters and my opponent just have 4 more monsters in the battlefield.

Round 3

martyr round 3.gif

in the third round is the round where Grum Flamdeblade who has activated bloodust and Uriel the Purifier who received Martyr's effect face each other. Due to the Recharge ability, Uriel the Purifier cannot turn to attack on an odd rounde. In this round I also lost Tusk the Wide after receiving a blast effect. In the end of this round, My opponet just have 1 monster more in battlefield.

Round 4-5

martyr round 4-5.gif

In the next round, all five of my monsters fought the one remaining monster and it was clear the winning position was on my side. Based on the battles that have occurred, one attack with high damage will be lost by many monsters that have less damage. My conclusion is that monsters with Martyr abilities are not suitable to be paired with monsters with Recharge abilities.


Thats all my opinion, maybe you have great combo with the new ability called Martyr lets write your opinion and join in Social Media Challenge to earn more crypto by upvote. For you who want to play an awesome this game lets click this link.

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