Chaos Knight, The Giant Slayer


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Monster's Lore

Chaos Knights are most often found at the front line of the Chaos Legion's invading forces, although they are sometimes enlisted to defend garrisons, leadership, and other high-value assets. They are heavily armored and wield massive battle axes that are able to cut down even the mightiest of foes.

Those of the Order of the Silver Shield stood waiting as the Legion of Chaos closed the distance between the two armies. The Shieldbearers in the front rank planted their shields firmly in the earth and set their feet, while archers and mages readied their bows and their spells. Those wielding melee weapons tightened their grips on their hafts and hilts, ready to charge once the Shieldbearers had born the brunt of the initial assault.

At the head of the column opposite them, Chaos Knights led the charge, the throng behind them screaming and jostling to be the first into battle. The heavily armored knights hefted battle axes that were impossibly large, and those of the Order of the Silver Shield eyed them warily.

Arrows flew. Spells were flung. At last, the two armies met, clashing together with a violent ringing of steel on steel. The Shieldbearers leaned into their shields, preparing to give those in the rear as much time as possible to inflict their lethal ranged damage. But when the Chaos Knights swung their mighty battle axes, the Shieldbearers could not hold the line. They staggered backward. Another swing, and the Order's front rank broke.

Then the Legions of Chaos swarmed over them.


CHAOS KNIGHT is a monster with common rarity belonging to LIFE splinter. It was introduce as one of the newest addtion to Splinterlands' Chaos Legions release.

Attacks & Abilities:

It has a melee attack with SHIELD ability at its initial level. It gains GIANT KILLER at level 5, and INSPIRE at level 9.

With a 6 mana requirement, this is good for low to medium mana cap matches. It is a good addition to the list of tank monsters the LIFE SPLINTER needs as a substitue for SHIELDBEARER at low mana battles.


  • It is currently sold at $0.071 for regular foil and $1.34 for a gold foil.


  • It has 5 Power per bcx for regular foil and 125 Power per bcx for a gold foil.


Battle rules and strategy

In Splinterlands, in every round there will be a random ruleset, mana capacity, and available Splinter (or Element) that will be the basis of our strategy in choosing which cards to use.

Let's now explain the rules in this matched:

Aim TrueMelee and Ranged attacks always hit their targets. This provides all monsters 100 hit rate. Abilities like Flying, Dodged, Phase and Blind will have no effect. Speed will also have a less factor since it will only affect the attack order.
Lost MagicMonsters with magic monsters may not be used in battle. This will be a battle between melee and ranged monsters only.
Available Splinters:
  • Fire, Water, Life, and Dragon.
Mana capacity
  • 23 (This is a medium mana match which is ideal to use Chaos Knight instead of Shieldbearer as tank since it has less mana requirement)

4SummonerTo have additional +1 damage to ranged attacking monsters. This will be a good summoner if you are going with heavy ranged line up
61stMediocre melee damage with Shield ability. Since magic monsters is not allowed for this match, this means we can fully utilized the effect of Shield ability. The damage received by Chaos Knight will be reduced to half.
22ndLow mana cap ranged monster. Herbalist gains Cleanse at level 3.
63rdRanged monster with Double Strike ability. Since it attacks twice each round, the buff provided by General Sloan enhances its firepower more.
33rdProvides additional 2 armor to all friendly monsters with its Protect ability.
25thAlso a low mana cap ranged monster.
Did your strategy work?


Since Magic monsters are banned for this match, I opted to use a Tank with SHIELD ability to reduced all possible damage. That is why I think Chaos Knight is a better fit for this match.

I also used a heavy ranged line-up as my main damager to focus all my attacks on a single target, which is the enemy's frontline monster. With this setup, General Sloan is the perfect Summoner to use.

What will you try differently next time?

Given that Dragon Splinter is also available, we can replace General Sloan with Selena Sky as it provides the same buff with lower mana cap. Also, we will have access to additional monsters which are available in the Dragon Splinter. We can use Naga Assassin to replace other monsters in the field.


Do you like the CHAOS KNIGHT? Why or why not?

Chaos Knight is really a good tank. With SHIELD ability, it can reduced the melee or ranged damage to half. Also, at higher levels, this monster gains Giant Killer and Inspire. Inspire will add additional melee damage to all friendly monsters including Chaos Knight, while Giant Killer allows Chaos Knight to deal double the damage when it is attacking a monster with 10 or more mana.

Overall, Chaos Knight is best against melee or ranged monsters with high mana cap.

Watch the whole gameplay here ->

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