High Mana Battle with Lava Spider and Glass Cannon monsters


Monster's Lore

Few explorers dare to go deep within the volcanoes of the world. Tales are told of great spiders that weave threads of fire and trap their enemies in webs of flame. An inescapable and painful death.

When the Chaos Legion entered the Splinterlands through the great volcano in the center of Praetoria, they saw the lava spiders and used them to their advantage. Transporting these spiders into areas that need defense is a win-win for both groups. For the Chaos Legion, it is an easy barrier to ward off unwanted visitors. And for the lava spiders, they get free meals from the curious, the foolish, and the unwary adventurers that seek to strike at the Chaos Legion.


LAVA SPIDER is a monster with common rarity belonging to FIRE splinter. It was introduce as one of the newest addtion to Splinterlands' Chaos Legions release.

Attacks & Abilities:

It has a ranged attack with Snipe ability at its initial level. It gains Snare at level 6, and Poison at level 10.

With a 3 mana requirement, this is good for low mana cap matches. It is a good addition to the list of monsters that can utilize the abilities provided by Yodin Zaku as the summoner.


  • It is currently sold at $0.059 for regular foil and $1.19 for a gold foil.


  • It has 5 Power per bcx for regular foil and 125 Power per bcx for a gold foil.


Battle rules and strategy

In Splinterlands, in every round there will be a random ruleset, mana capacity, and available Splinter (or Element) that will be the basis of our strategy in choosing which cards to use.

Let's now explain the rules in this matched:

EqualizerThis rules adjust the health of all monsters to be the same as the monster with the highest health deployed in the battlefield. For this rule, we need to prioritize monsters that are glass cannon. Monsters with high attack but low defense in terms of HP. We want to deploy as many monsters as possible since especially for low mana cap battles. Having a Furious Chicken and Legendary Fiends will definitely help to absorb damage from enemy attacks.
Healed OutAll healing abilities are removed from summoners or monsters. Abilities like Tank Heal, Triage, Heal are useless in this match. Life Leech and Scavenger abilities still work since its mechanism is different from Tank Heal or Heal.
Available Splinters:
  • Fire, Earth, Death, and Dragon.
Mana capacity
  • 50 (This is a high mana match which is ideal to use Dragon splinter since it has a lot of high mana monsters)


BRIGHTON BLOOM3SummonerTo have flying ability to all friendly monsters, and to use a Dragon splinter for its monsters with high mana requirement
Desert Dragon71stHigh melee damage with Trample and Piercing ability. Naturally, it has a mediocre HP so the Equalizer will increase its max HP (glass cannon monster).
LAVA LAUNCHER92ndIt has high damage with Close Range ability and high armor as well. With Close Range, it can be use as pseudo tank as well. It also has a mediocre HP so but high damage (glass cannon monster).
PRISMATIC ENERGY83rdWith 2 magic damage and Reflect ability, it is a good counter to magic damage line-up. It has a 10 HP which can be use as the reference max HP for Equalizer rule.
ELVEN MYSTIC44thThe Silence ability will reduce the magic attacks of enemy monsters. I was preparing to counter a Magic line-up since my tank, Desert Dragon, has high armor that can protect from melee or ranged damage.
LAVA SPIDER35thWith 2 ranged damage at level 4, and Snipe ability to attack backline monsters.
ZYVAX VUUL86thHigh damage and high HP as well. It has Recharge ability which is good to burst down enemies after charging each round

Watch the whole gameplay here -> https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_c6160fd82c85f83e9c1deb0e714beff1&ref=mechababy


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