RE: Fee Structure Changes Coming to Hive-Engine


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I can't say for certain but I think the fees are going to be added to existing liquidity at the same exact time the swap is made, so there aren't any extra transactions being made that would create the need for daily distribution/payout times, and it would also be impossible for people to game it with those silly 5 minute in-out shenanigans. Of course, I'm just drawing this conclusion from a few implications, and the way it seems that every other idea has so many problems.

I swap 100 BEE into said BEE:LEO pool
0.25 BEE is immediately added to existing liquidity, without affecting anyone's %
I get 99.75 BEE worth of LEO as a result, and the liquidity providers gained a little.

Does this help clarify how the extra transactions can be avoided?
I think this is the only way that really makes sense, right?