We speak with Hive Builder to talk about their latest project Splinterlands Community Validator

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We speak with Hive Builder to talk about their latest project Splinterlands Community Validator

Good morning Lion's I trust you are safe and well and enjoying the start of the week! Hive is definitely starting to pick up with an increase in development and new projects and protocols launching on the blockchain which is fantastic to see.

Recently I introduced you to Hive Builder: De-Fi Project Built on Hive which in summary is a project team enabling Hivians to get involved with network validation across multiple blockchains through purchasing their Hive Engine token that pays out a % of the validation rewards. (Lets hope they weren't in Luna or we might see a decline in rewards :) )

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Hive Builder Expansion

The team has recently undertaken an expansion and is now offering Hive users and beyond the opportunity to participate in Splinterlands validation nodes and get paid out in SPS for doing so.

To participate Hive Builders have launched the SCV token which is for sale on the Hive Engine for 0.01 Hive and will not change. Investors who purchase the token will receive SPS based on their share holdings.

There are currently 941006 SCV listed on Hive Engine with a number of people picking up quite a few and with the popularity in Splinterlands this could potentially be Hive Builders greatest idea yet.

Splinterlands validators are paid to validate the network in SPS which can be used in game or traded for Hive and other assets on eligible exchanges.

Although the team doesn't recommend purchasing over 0.01 per token should the circulating supply by bought up there is no reason why the token wouldn't become speculative and increase in value. The entire stack at current on Hive Engine is worth just under 9410 Hive. Not a lot of Hive to earn SPS from validation.

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Interviewing the team

I wanted to know a bit more about the project and the team so I sat down with them to ask them a few questions to help understand what they are building.

Thank you for meeting with me, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came up with the idea for SCV?
Splinterlands is one of the decentralised worlds greatest games and one we regularly play and invest in. When Splinterlands announced they would be hosting nodes we wanted in on it too!

We also decided that we wanted to expand who could get involved with validation and thought it would be a great idea to onboard all the wonderful Hive users who, just like us also play and invest in splinterlands. That's how SCV was born

What new opportunities will this bring to the Hive blockchain?
Hive Builder is a first of its kind validation investment opportunity that enables people to participate in blockchain validation who normally couldn't afford it. We are excited to bring a new and engaging project to Hive

What can people who purchase the token expect to receive?
by purchasing the token you essentially hold a share in the Splinterlands node. All tokens are sold at the same price.
60% of rewards will be distributed evenly between token holders. Rewards will be in the form of SPS tokens which can be used to purchase new in game items, staked or even traded for other tokens

What would you like our readers to know about the project?
SCV is an opportunity for everyone to get involved in a community based initiative and provides another way to earn income on Splinterlands. Whether your into Splinterlands or just like investing in tokens with potential this is for you.

Do you have any future advancements planned?
Future plans will be based on the success of the token in regards to what our percentage of the reward pool will be.

Is there anything you think is important that you would like our readers to know?
the reward split will be divided between token holders and team:

  • 60% token holders
  • 40% team

From the teams 40%

  • 25% will be used to build a floor price
  • 25% will be used to buy tokens off the market.
  • This will create liquidity/ price increase on top of the dividends.

We believe no other token comes close to doing these 3 things which are fundamental to the success of any token.*

Wow! that sounds pretty exciting! Thank you for your time today and we look forward to hearing what Hive Builder comes up with next

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It's quite nice to see them lower the barrier to entry for the SPS validator because it's so expensive. I might have to look into it more before deciding whether or not getting some exposure to the validator nodes is a good thing or not.

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Its something like $40,000 worth of SPS for a validator so this is a great way for people to participate who believe in the network.

Maybe once all sold out they'll need to run a second validator.

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