Alric! Bring the Storm 🌩️ we go full mage. No mercy - Crushing Bronze like a wiz🧙‍♂️


So I moved up to Silver III yesterday and I've been playing almost exclusively with these cards in Bronze to move up.

Let's take a look at the core cards first:

Summoner: Alric Stormbinger🔮

for obviuos reasons.

Alric Stormbringer.png

Frontline / Tank:

Screenshot 20211004 202333.png

Prismatic Energy

It's such a great card in Bronze. You will win almost every battle against any Magic Dmg team. The ability to reflect magic damage is completely overseen by many Bronze players. Bring Creeping Ooze to the table and it's a magic feast.

Low Mana back up

Spineback Turtle.

It has amazing stats for only 4 mana. Plus the 2 Armor from Venari Wavesmith it would need 8 hit points to take it down. So it will hold the line for some time.

What I also play is Battle Orca if I need to spend 1 more mana on Creeping Ooze or a Magic Damage monster. You can shield the card very well with Venari Wavesmith and it costs only 3 mana. Turns out to be a great tank for only 3!


Ice Pixie
Elven Mystic
Venari Wavesmith

It depends on the available mana. If possible I use them all.

Screenshot 20211004 142956.png

What you MUST always have with you:

🐌 Creeping Ooze (enemy slow)
🛡️ Venari Wavesmith (shield for all)

If you don't play the 2 cards you might not reach Silver III fast.

If you have some mana or spots left here are 2 great options.

Furious Chicken

Screenshot 20211004 143502.png

When you play this team you use almost only magic damage. The only card that doesn't do magic damage is your tank. But if you have enough mana to spend you always want to use Prismatic Energy as your tank.

Only a few players in Bronze will counter your water splinter with a decent Earth Splinter for example. Your Wavesmith and your Ooze are a fire sauce combo. Shielding your weak magicians is key. And you always want to make the first hit. Because most times you kill monsters before they even have a chance to make a first move. That's the power of Creeping Ooze.

Example how to place your team:

Mage Team.png

What about low mana fights?

For fast low mana fights up to 14 mana I like to spice things up a little bit.

My summoner is Bortus. Because I don't use magic damage in low mana fights often he is the better option.

  • Kelp Initiative (front, low mana tank)
  • Ice Pixie (If I use her I place her in the middle)
  • Frost Lion (good mini low mana tank, front if I use him)
  • Furious Chicken (give them something to eat, place it mid or front)
  • Axe Master (double hit with 2 hit points and 4 speeds. He takes your opponents down in no time, always last. You also place him at the end against the fire splinter. He can take enough damage in the first round and takes them down in the second because he is faster)
  • Albatross (If I have mana left, front or mid)
  • Creeping Ooze (not necessary, but can be helpful against fire splinter Pyre)

Low mana Core:

Screenshot 20211004 211217.png

Recap - Must have to play this powerful magic deck

Core team rent prices ~14 DEC daily. Rent them here Peakmonsters

  • Axe Master 1.553 DEC
  • Kelp Initiative 2.450 DEC
  • Furious Chicken 4.753 DEC
  • Creeping Ooze 0.807 DEC
  • Venari Wavesmith 1.372 DEC
  • Prismatic 3.395 DEC

Last Words before you go crush it

In any battle over 15 mana I would go for 100% magic damage. I feel like in Bronze no one looks at what team you are using and even if they do, they hardly adjust to it. And with the team here which is very cheap for rent you can't do much against it in Bronze.

Creeping Ooze, Venari Wavesmith, Furious Chicken and Prismatic Energy make the difference here!

Have fun owning Bronze! 🔥

PS: Want to get started?


Send me a DM on Instagram and get 2x free cards
I pay with crypto


Great Writeup! Keep up the great work, and I'm looking forward to following your future content.


I really appreciate that since English is not my native language. Thank you! :)


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