Gold Card for a 50 % discount - Now what?


lvl 3 beetle queen.png

So I bought Beetle Queen for 42.50 USD. Lowest price currently is 79 USD.

stats beetle queen gold.png

Last week I was scanning the market and my goal was to get good deals.
My strategy was to overbid the highest bidder by a little bit.

But only for cards that have a very low bid on them.

So I just woke up checked my recent marketplace activity and saw that I got the card.

I am not very happy with it.

I just checked again and found some more data which makes me feel like I didn't really get a good deal.

Here is why:

chart beetle queen gold.png

What I see is that the price keeps declining since the card topped out in the 350s

And it makes me feel like the price keeps declining. So what to do with this card right now?

At the same time I think the price is okay in relation to the power.

I paid approximately 1 USD for 70 card power.

Do you think this was a good deal? What do you think about the over all market right now?