Need Vouchers? Don't Stake before October 17!!!


I hope this clickbaitish header got your attention.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but I was looking for an answer to this heavy question:

questio nabout voucher drop date.PNG

But that doesn't answer my question.

Luckily Cryptomancer joined the "Deep Dive" chat on discord. If you don't know who cryptomancer is. He is one of the core devs for Splinterlands and is with the team for 2 years.

You should stop by from time to time. This is the place where I suck up a lot of important information. Which helps to strategize my investment approach in the SPS Universe.

Or to get clarity about the game overall.

So here is how the rest of the chat went:

finally clarity.PNG

You can do with this information whatever you want. But I will move a lot of my coins to stake SPS! Let's get those vouchers!


I want to clarify the header real quick. I don't want to leave you confused.

Stake for god sake! (Not financial advice. My content is for entertainment purposes only. DYOR) It's an amazing opportunity to increase passive income.

My strategy so far was to max out on DEC to get as many airdrop points as I can.
Doing so I use my daily SPS from the airdrop to buy more DEC to increase my airdrop points and so on. Rinse and repeat.

I will repeat this till Oct 17 and then I need to calculate again. Using the tool from

Splintercards Voucher Calculater

Till next time!

PPS: Want to start playing?


Good reminder!! :) Thank you!