Defender of Truth Weekly Battle Challenge || Ep. #63 || Splinterlands



This week's battle challenge focuses on the Defender of Truth:

The Defender of Truth is a powerful wizard of Khymeria, as well as an important political figure for the Order of the Silver Shield. When the Khymian warriors march to war, the Defender of Truth is their General. He inspires his troops with the divine protection of the Silver Shield.

Defender of Truth.png

Card Details

Image 6.png

An Alpha/Beta epic rarity monster from the Life Splinter at level 3:

  • Estimated cost: $6.5
  • Mana cost: 4
  • Magic attack: 2
  • Speed: 4
  • Armor: 1
  • Health: 3
  • Protect ability: All friendly monsters gain +2 armor

This card is under-utilised and under-valued by a lot of splinterlands players. It is one of the only magic cards, apart from the Truthspeaker, who has the Protect ability but it does 2 magic damage whereas the Truthspeak is a no attack card. Apart from doing magic damage and having good speed, the Defender of Truth, primary usefulness is unlocked at level 3 where it provides all friendly monsters +2 armor. Paired with the Life Splinter Summoner, Tyrus Paladium, who provides all friendly monsters +1 armor - it is such a useful card to have in your lineup to beef up your friendly monsters survivability with additional health. I feel that the Defender of Truth is a versatile card and can adapt and play many different roles in a battle, depending on the rulesets.

Battle - Full Battle Replay

Image 7.png

Battle Details

  • Mana cap: 12
  • Ruleset(s): Stampede, Taking Sides

Lineup Details

  • Tyrus Paladium (Summoner): +1 armor to all friendly monsters
  • Crystal Werewolf: primary tank with thorns and silence ability
  • Silvershield Archers: support range attack with double strike i.e. attacks twice each round
  • Defender of Truth: +2 armor to all friendly monsters and primary magic attack

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Image 8.png

As I mentioned above, the Defender of Truth is such a versatile card which this battle clearly showed. Without that extra armor, this battle would've been lost. The Defender of Truth was crucial in dealing with killing blows on all enemy monsters while supported by the Crystal Werewolf and Silvershield Archers. The Crystal Werewolf primarily took all the damage. More importantly, it took the attention away from the Defender of Truth, which allowed it to deal the damage to all enemy monsters.

Do you like the Defender of Truth? Why or why not?

The Defender of Truth does seem weak initially, and it does cost a bit of an initial investment, but once levelled up to the level 3 and gains the Protect ability, it does make it a decent card to have in your Life Splinter deck. The 2 damage and 4 speed are good, but where it does shine is providing additional +2 armor to all friendly monsters.


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You had a nice lineup, it seems.
And your Defender of Truth kinda rocked it, didn’t it?
Well done.
Keep on battling.