I Am Back To Say, "Hive is Amazing!"


October is awesome!!!

I dropped by because today I got my first ever LEGENDARY card via a drop from the season end in Splinterlands. I was not expecting it, really. I have not posted here in 3 months but I thought I need to log it. I was so surprised. I have stopped posting here but I never stopped playing Hive blockchain games. Right now, I am playing 3 games; DCrops, Hashkings and Splinterlands. I am also enjoying other games from other blockchains, NFT gaming has been my thing lately. With DCrops, I am just starting and I regret not buying more because the Alfa packs are all sold out! With Hashkings, I am quite disappointed, but I have my lands rented and I earn from the water towers everyday, so that's cool. Splinterlands, is amazing. I play it almost everyday, just doing the daily quest, and I enjoy it. I have been on Splinterlands since June 2018, but I only really played it recently because I never understood it then. Hahaha! These 3 games are amazing, I will continue playing them and hopefully I can keep posting some updates on myself and gaming, too!

Anyway, here is my very first legendary card from Splinterlands.