Peakmonsters introduces bidding with credits. What a great thing for Splinterlands!


@Splinterlands MethodofMad's Referral Link is a play to earn game that operates on the Hive Blockchain. The game has NFTs (non-fungible tokens) which are cards that are used in online battles. Winner of each battle can receive crypto, NFTs, or in-game products.

@Peakmonsters Peakmonsters Website is a third party site where Splinterlands players can buy, sell, and rent cards (NFTs).

This week, @methodofmad (that's my In Game Name IGN) noticed that peakmonsters will allow bids with credits.

Why is this a game changer?
Credits can be purchased with fiat through PayPal, at least in the United States. In the past, credits could only be used to purchase cards at market price, but not bid on cards. All bidding was done with DEC (Dark Energy Crystals). Bidding is the best way to purchase cards on the market dips. Until this week, the amount of your outstanding bids was limited to a multiple of your DEC in the game.
Here's how to buy credits in Splinterlands:
Above, see red arrow. Click on the green plus sign next to credits. And below, enter the amount of credits to purchase with Paypal or Crypto.
Here are the benefits of the new system:

  1. DEC can be held instead of used for bidding. DEC counts toward the airdrops of SPS (Splinterlands new in game crypto). Airdrops will continue for about 63 more days. So the more DEC that is held, the more SPS that can be airdropped to you.
  2. Credits are easier to get into the game. In the past, to acquire DEC for bidding for USA players, a player needed to exchange a crypto to Swap.hive on Tribaldex and then convert the swap.hive to DEC and then bring the DEC into the game from HiveEngine.
  3. Peakmonsters allows the user to determine if credits will be used first or DEC for bidding. Since @Methodofmad wants to stack DEC for maximum SPS airdrops, I selected to use credits first.
    The process in Peakmonsters is select Settings and Authority under user name
    Then select allow CREDITS for bids and either credits first or DEC first.

Here are my predictions which should not be taken as financial advice.

  1. DEC will increase in value. More users will hold DEC and use credits for bidding. When there is less of a product on the market, the value (price) increases.
  2. NFTs (Splinterlands cards) will increase in value. Bidding is now available to more users who can place bids with credits in addition to DEC. As more people bid, the increase in demand for cards will push card values higher.
  3. Rental income from cards will increase. As more people buy more cards, the amount of cards available for rent will decline, since some buyers will hold cards to play. And since cards cost more as bids increase, rentees will need to charge more to renters. So, as the cost of cards rises, the rent charged on cards will also rise.

Good luck in Splinterlands and if you use my referral link, I will delegate for a month some nice cards to you after you purchase a Spellbook.

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