Splinterlands End of Season Glint Reward and Opening 10 Major Chests

I finished last season in the silver III league in Splinterlands and received 4,066 Glint as a reward at the end of the season. I couldn't play Splinterlands too much last season because I was busy with work, but I still couldn't stay away from it for too long and played whenever I had the chance. So I'm happy to earn 4,066 Glint. And I bought 10 Major chests with 5000 Glint and opened them, here is what I got from the chests;

Wow I realized I missed getting Merits and potions from chests, I didn't have any potions left and I'm glad I got them. It was also great that I got 2 copies of the Lobb Lowland summoner card. Wow, it was great to get energy from the chests. Honestly, I loved the new chests.

I started the new season from the Bronze II league and my goal in the new season will be to advance to higher leagues and collect more Glint. I believe that I can collect 10K Glint if I play more carefully. I could not do this in the last season, but I will do my best to do it in the new season.

Best of luck!