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To be honest I never really used monsters with the Giant Killer ability, so playing around with this card opened my eyes to how useful they can be.
Card selection is always important to get the strongest team and Giant Killer cards can ruin your day if used incorrectly as I found out.
Things that are good for Giant Killer cards are:

  • High Mana, I recommend 50 mana plus as you want at least one +10 mana cost monster in your opponents lineup.
  • Equalizer ruleset, as this bumps up your monsters health to keep it in the battle longer.

Things that are not good for Giant Killer lineups:

  • No legendary and Rise of the commons rulesets, with most of the +10 mana cards being legendary monsters this may leave you with no targets to active your ability.
  • Under 50 mana battles, limits your opponents ability to field +10 mana monsters
  • Aimless and equal opportunity rulesets whist not being overly negative, they can cause your Giant Killer to be taken down cheaply.
  • Back to Basics ruleset will obviously remove the monsters ability.


The card I had been using to test out the Giant Killer ability was Djinn Inferni of the fire splinter. The +3 magic attack drew me to this card and it's speed is 3 which is not bad either. The only downside was its health of 4.
With the ruleset being Standard it could have gone either way but with 99 mana cap in play I was feeling confident.


Summoner: Tarsa

  • Tarsa is a very strong Summoner with her +1 melee and +1 health, adding extra attack and defence to your team.

First slot: Grum Flameblade

  • Grum is one of my favorite monsters, with his only downsides being that he costs 11 mana and only has 1 speed. Magic defense and bloodlust make him a very strong monster.

Second slot: Fineas Rage

  • Fineas's high speed and attack make him a must have if you can afford the mana cost, I really don't think there is a better reach card out there.

Third slot: Sand Worm

  • With my melee attack boosted I needed at least one more melee attack card and the Sand Worm is hard to pass up with it's high attack.

Forth slot: Djinn Inferni

  • I would not normally use this card but the
    Djinn Inferni did well in this position. I used it here as I was testing it out.

Fifth slot: Spirit Miner

  • Speed is what I want and the Spirit Miner has it. I could have used so many other cards but I wanted that extra speed so Spirit Miner it was.

Sixth slot: Countess Sinash

  • Once again looking for speed I found Countess Sinash. Add the fact that she can not be targeted unless in the front row. This is a very strong card to throw in your lineups.


As you can see from the battle it worked out well for me and the Djinn Inferni put on a good show helping to take down both the Kraken and the Phantom of the Abyss. Both of these monsters fell victim to the Giant Killer ability. This could have gone wrong if my opponent had focused on my backline but luckily for me they did not.


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These monsters have very specific use cases but they can be totally lethal at those few times. I don't use them though maybe I have used a couple in the past with 99 mana battles.


99 mana battles are the best place to use them. You can use them with as little as 50 mana but you risk not coming up against a 10 mana monster, so not recommend.
Giant Killer monsters are definitely special use only cards, like you I only use them when the rules are in the favour of Giant Killers.
As I said in my post I did not really use them before this post as they never worked out for me. But taking the time to play around with it and find the best use cases for the ability really helped me out .