Opening 3 Chaos Packs from season rewards



After seeing someone opened an LGF in a pack, I decided to open my 3 packs and these are the cards that I got:

For the first pack, I got 2 rares and 3 commons, which is better from what I expected. Both Dhampir Stalker and Tenyi Striker are great rare cards to have, I always rent them in their higher levels when I play accounts as a pilot and as a scholar. Goblin Psychic and Gargoya Scrapper are also some of the cards I use. They are common cards which makes them accessible to more matches compared to epics and legendaries. Gargoya Scrapper is a great low mana anti magic tank and even more powerful at level 3 when paired with Rathe and a unit with repair ability. Goblin Psychic is also a great support. At level 4, it gets affliction, an ability that prevents a hit target from being healed, heal,tank heal, and triage become useless when this ability triggers. Antoid Platoon is an ok card, though I dont use it that much in wild. Its probably a powerful tank in modern.

For the second pack, I also got 2 rares but the better ones. Xenith monk is undoubtly a must have card. At level 2, it gets heal which is a perfect ability for absorbing enemy attacks while other ally units are dealing damage to enemy units. General Sloan is also a lucky pull! I mean, its a summoner and getting summoners from packs are rare atleast for me. The three common cards that I got are Carrion Shade, Mycelic Morphoid, and Chaos Agent which are 1 mana cards that I use as shields for absorbing frontline, snipe, or backline enemy damage.

I got a bit lucky in the third pack as I got an epic which is Hunter Jarx. At level 4, it gets true strike ability which guarantees any attack from this card will hit its target. The huge amount of ranged damage it can deal makes it a perfect choice against those secondary anti magic tanks like baakjira, pelacor conjurer, and Chaos Agent. I also got a rare card, a Regal Peryton that I use as a secondary tank when I am playing Earth. The three common cards that I got are Chaos Agent, Carrion Shade, and Sunkai Harvester which is an underrated counter for pelacor conjurer!

Value wise, its better for me if I just sold the packs and bought specific cards to build my water deck. But well, I already opened it and opening packs is fun.

Thats it for this post, thank you for reading!