Why perseverence always pays off - Just another success story on Hive Blockchain - Day 87


What a difference 10 months will make. Yes, 10 months ago I decided to start to publish on hive.blog regularly, and I decided to monitor my Hive portfolio weekly. I am comparing now the value of my tokens in February, when I started, with the actual value now.

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Portfolio in February 2021
Hive: 1131 - $366
Leo: 228 - $174
LBI: 150 - $120
SPT: 58K - $28
CTP: 222 - $21 (Dropped quite a bit, so I stopped monitoring it. But I got Len Miners instead of it, from the same creators.)

Portfolio on 27th of December 2021
Hive: 3864 - $6396 (+2733 Hive)
SPT: 1068K - $4661 (+ 1.01 million SPT)
Leo: 9334 - $2387 (+9106 LEO)
POB: 2848 - $385
LENM: 30 - $247
LBI: 200 - $40 (was a losing bet, with x3 times less value for 200 LBI than 150 back then)
BROFUND: 52 - $201
UTOPIS: 45 - $56
ARCHMINER: 6.25 - $318
DHEDGE: 537 - $89

Total in February 2021: $709
Total on 27/12/2021: $14780

The main focus back then was to increase SPT and CTP, and reaching 150 LBI. Next week objective is 250 LEO and some more CTP and SPT. Almost $200 increase in value in one week. As for now, I hope to reach 10000 LEO and 5000 HIVE by the end of the year, well, HIVE probably by the end of February, rough estimate. And while I am not counting right now, at tyhe beginning of the year my Splinterlands account value was $470, and right now is close to $50K, without factoring more than $100K in lands.

So, roughly, Hive blockchain made more than 60 thousand dollars for me in 2021. Next year, I cannot fathom what will be next. Of, and almost forget, CUB, I have also managed to get more than 10.000 CUB in rewards, so that is another 4-5K, depending on the daily price.

How good was Hive to you? If you don't have an account on Hive blog, maybe is time to start. Remember, as a wise man said, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is today.

That's all for today.

All the best,


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Any learnings? beginner tips?
SPlinterland seem to need a medium investment and a lot of time to be profitable of what I researched so I do not even start. Just started rising star and already earn a few cent every day.


I think the key is to invest/rent in some cards and reach at least Silver rank. then you get 2 chest for daily and potentially go up quickly.