What is your ROI at Splinterland ? Earnings vs Value of Deck


Money is not everything - but it is fun to make some calculations...

This season I have been thinking of my ROI and also - should I change tactic?

ROI - Return of Investment
Your deck has a value of 1000 USD and you earn DEC/Cards for 10 USD in a season you calculate it this way
10 / 1000 = 0,01 = 1 %

You can check marketvalue of your deck here

After a season you can go here and check how much you have earned
This service will show you a lot of statistic, example earned DEC and value of cards you have won.


So after you have this numbers you can see your ROI.
Last season was a very good one for me.
Earnings = 80 USD
ROI = 80/2000 = 4%
But that was a one of kind I think because I was able to play so much.

My break even....
I want to have a ROI with at least 1 % every season. That is about 24 % in a year.
If I dont reach that level - I have to think about my strategy and maybe change it.
So what can I do?

  1. RENT
    The prices at renting market are INSANE in the end period of the season. Some of my cards can give me 200 DEC every day. If I can rent out that card in 14 days I have 2800 DEC, about 21 USD.
    I think that If I cant get my 1-2 % (and play a lot) it is better to get 1-2 % ROI with rental system (and put my time effort there)

  2. PLAY and SHARE
    One more option is to let someone else play. And we share all cards and DEC that this person win. I think it absolutely possible to earn 2-3 % in ROI for a person that have more time than me to play. If he/she reach 2% and I get 1% - for doing nothing...

  3. Better strategy in my decks
    I have 4 decks and play with them randomly. Some times I see it is best to do so - Some times I see it is best to collect all cards in one deck and play a that deck high. I am not sure what is best with todays rules.

BUT - We have to see at LUCK
You can get a 2000 DEC reward in a chest one season - but not in next one. How to calculate it so it will be fare?
I will start to see it in this way.
One card (from a chest or season reward) I will put a value at 0,5 USD. (Why that number? Because I saw a calculation what you statistic will get if you have 100 cards in rewards. And the statistic was 50USD in total value.


Screenshot from a blogpost - sorry I did not save the URL.

I have a deck worth 2000 USD
In a season I win 4000 DEC = 30 USD
In same season I win 50 cards = 0,6*50 = 30 USD
Total rewards value 60 USD
In this way I can calculate ROI and in some way take away the LUCK from the calculation

And if I am below 1 % with , or without luck, I need to think again...

What is your strategy?


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How about the roi of renting out cards compared with staking sps alone? Thx


Thats a good question.
If you sell all your cards and buy SPS and then stake SPS you earn about 300 % in a year just now. That is much more than you earn by playing. It is about 10-15 % per season.
But that is if SPS stay at same value.
ANd ....the APR will go down but still it takes a long time before it drops below my calculation playing and earning.