Splinterlands wealth grow 132% in 62 days??


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Some people may wondering why I keep posting "kinda" same contents everyday, it's because I want to make records for myself to keep tracking the prices of the factors I notice. I start posint from the Day-01 below to the post today Day-62.

1st day airdrop -22/08/2021
62th day airdrop -25/10/2021

My total returns in combined SPS & DEC value are +$330, from my inputs of $250 it has a return ratio of 132%!!

I was not imagine will have such return as my original purpose is to find a safe place to receive some interests for the investment and expecting 30% annually. Safe place is a more like stablecoins concept and, however, I surprisingly caught a bonus in @splinterlands.

Basically I am doing the usual things like others players, keep as much DEC as I can, receive daily Airdrop, stake them.

Although the price of SPS & DEC is after the hype of the release of CHAOS LEAGUE, down $4/26.67% from $15 & $0.3/33.33% from $0.9, I would keep holding those precious assets as long as I can.

The calculation is simply for SPS & DEC, except the cards rewards, voucher rewards and fun etc.

Along the way for the 60 days, I keep research any other better opportunities to try for safe but it actually very hard to have a "certain" one.

DEC 32600

DatePrice SPSPrice DEC
Day 01$0.383$0.00741
Day 62$0.58(+51.4%)$0.01098(+48.1%)

Input US$250, Current value $371(DEC) +$209(SPS)= $580
Return rate= $580/$250= 132%

My next steps:
I may take out some profits to make the inputs ZERO and so I can happily keep "sitting" for the airdrop and play Splinterlands for fun.

Keep posting for my thoughts on SPT to earn the tokens. May also get some VOUCHER and pre-sale packs to try my luck.

Splintertalk's NFTs are also my consideration, but with very low circulation, I am a bit concerns for that.

Cover artworks are coming from

Be HIVE, play SPLINTERLANDS, post for SPT!

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