VOUCHER, SPS, CHAROS LEGION -Splinerlands. Reminder



For the next 30 days, [email protected] will be released finally. I want to recap some contents for myself here to ensure I will have more fun for it.

The total packs is 15M, 10X from the Untamed, US$4.00 each pack with at least 1 rare. 100 packs($400) above will be rewarded 10% more as usual.

1st 1,000,000 packs will need VOUCHER(token) to purchase, and with payment in SPS, 10% discount can be enjoyed.

For VOUNCHER entitlement, check this calculator from @splintercards. Right now, for every 3750 SPS tokens staked, roughly 1 Voucher will be granted.

Airdrops will be run for every 1,000,000 packs sold, total 14 cards.
For each 50 presale packs, 1 airdrops promo card will be received.


SPS is trading stable for the last week, around $0.8 each, which is up 227% since the Chaos updates released. ($0.275 -> $0.8 in 21 days)

VOUCHER is already on DEX, with 22HIVE($18.8) each.

Final thoughts

It's still not too late to buy SPS, I can expect the SPS will be used a lot when the SHOPPING day finally arrived. With 20%+ discount (Payment 10% + extra pack), 60%+ APR, further development ahead for SPS (check the AMA every week).

The process of SPS to $4.0+ is speeding up.
to HIVE or to DEC & SPS? Answer is very obvious...

Be HIVE, play SPLINTERLANDS, post for SPT!

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