New Reward Card from Dragon Splinter...Djinn Chwala

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@splinterlands is one of the best game on blockchain and the success of the game proof the same. In last few months the game has touches new heights and attracts many new players. The game assets price increase like anything and still people are ready to purchase even when the price are more then 10x. Why people are ready to buy even at high price because people believe in the game and game has a bright future.
There is no other option that Splinterland change the view of pople and many people believe in pay2earn.

Some days back the team has release new set of reward card. I have gone through them and try present one of the my favorite.

Djinn Chwala

Dragon Spljnter

Dawn of the Djinn 4 of 4 - Only a short time after the Djinn were released, most of them were already seeing their elemental captivity as a blessing rather than a curse. They had far greater power than before, now that they were working with the force of the Planet at their backs. Pursuit of power was at the core of Belludae beliefs, so most of them would make small sacrifices for greater power.
The Djinn have not all found one another, and it will be difficult for them to do so since many of them reside in different elements. This is why several of the Djinn have submitted themselves as cards in the Moxian games, so they can connect with their lost brethren. Gradually they will come together to Praetoria as part of the last lines of defense, channeling the power of the Planet into an impenetrable wall to hold back the Chaos Legion.

Dragon Spljntet catches my eyes immediate after the release of the new reward cards. The card belongsbto the Dragon splinter and has melee attack.

Let's quickly go through the stats of the card.


At level 1 the card got the two melee attack, two speed, Five armor, 9 health and one ability - Thorns

Thorns ability means when hit with a Melee attack, does damage back to the attacker. I love this ability as it give damage back onthe hitter melee monster. I don't know any other card with Thorns at level 1.

At level 2 one additional melee attack increases the attacking power of card.

At level 4 card unlocked the one more ability - Enrage

At max level the card unlocked the third ability of True Strike

The main reason I love the card is Thorn ability and the good health make is more attractive. The five armor looks very protective.
The drawback I can count is the high mana cost and the slow speed. If the enemy team has a card with slow ability that means this card has 1 speed for lower level and 2 speed at huge level which is very down side

The card may be used in first position when used in entry level leagues. The Thorns will surely make the enemy card life harder. The card is usefull to counter the sneak attack by melee monsters. The reverse rule also benifit the card because of the low speed.
So the card may be use full -

  1. At first position when the rule set does not allows the healing
  2. At last position to counter the sneak attack.
  3. With ruleset when only melee monster are allowed.
  4. Usefull in reverse rule because if the slow speed.
    Best on above the card suits best for rules like reverse, melee attack only, all Melee has sneak ability.

Don't forget the card may performed best with DARIA DRAGONSCALE which gives one additional melee attack to the card. Use te card with BROWNIE will increase the speed and at higher level it provide the one more additional melee attack.

Current Price and Renting Options

The Normal Foil card is trading at $1.92 per BCX for multi BCX card and $2.41for single BCX card. The price looks slightly high and expecting to go down when more player will get the cards from the rewards.


The Gold Foil card is trading at $39 per BCX.


If you wanna rent the card then the normal Foil card is available @ $0.93 for level 1 card.. not much options are available right now a most of the cards listed for rent are level 1 only.


For Gold Foil card the rend starts from 24 DEC per BCX and in GF also nit much options are available as most of thenlisted cards are level 1 only.

Conclusion- The card is good and has looks very usefull for certain rules. The card has high mana cost so nit suitable for the low mana battles. The Thorns ability make it special as ability is available from level 1 itself. The price may go down when the more playes will get the cards.



Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

New cards are also pretty nice and thanks for sharing more of these. Good work.