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Another week of Battle challenge with another Ruleset and I am participating too late but still 1 hour left so I am going to finish this post quickly with this new ruleset Even Steven means that only the monsters with even mana can be used in the battles.





In the battle lineup, I will explain the cards one by one which are placed in the specific positions for this battle I did not place it as the archmage bot is very clever, and this lineup is from the bot logic and i am using this account in the wild rank leagues.


QUIX THE DEVIOUS is a great legendary dragon summoner from the chaos legion edition with cool negative and positive statuses the negative stats reduce the ranged attack and add +1 speed positive stats. However, this is a great card i got from a free pack opening got it from the focus rewards, and when i opened it did not show the cards result because of an internet issue then after a few days i saw this beast in my collection and went for checking it that from which pack i got this card so it showed that missing pack which i opened but not showed on the screen because of net issue so it was a great pack which gave me $20 worth card for free.


In the First position, the bot went for UNICORN MUSTANG which is a rare card from the earth splinter which is from the untamed edition that you can use in the first position against magic and melee monsters of enemy teams and at a high level it can give you reflection. well, i am now regretting that i did not upgrade cards like this from the untamed and beta edition it should be upgraded to level 5 but i missed the chance when these prices were so cheap in the market but now you need lots of investment to buy these cards even in a single BCX.

In the second position, HALFLING ALCHEMIST used by the bot which is a great card from the promo edition which cut off the stats of the enemy team i am using it all the time in my main account and it work well for me in the battles. This is also a great monster from the promo edition which we got as an airdrop and got almost 3 BCX in my main account so i send one to my brother's account and one to my alt and the one i am using it in my battles which is an expensive card but i am lucky that i have it one in my collection.

In the third position, the bot uses the healing monster from the new chaos legion edition which is a common monster it works well for me all the time in battles as I have upgraded this card to level 4 in my main account for the affliction ability. Well, i like the affliction ability from this card which work well to block the healing ability from the enemy team, and at a higher level this card can silence the enemy monsters but at a low level it is enough at level 1.

Another great tank healer from the beta rewards edition which I got from the rewards using two tank healers in a battle can save your first friendly monster from early dying and can stay or a long time because of these two tank healers I won this battle which worked well for me because the bot used a nice strategy in the even mana and both monsters cost 4 and 6 mana the one is from chaos legion and the other one is from the beta rewards edition i already have one in my collection from the untamed edition which is rented out an can give me 20+ dec per day the Khmer princes cost 2 mana at level 4 you can get the healing ability.

MITICA HEADHUNTER is a great epic range attack card from the untamed edition which I got 3 BCX in gold foil In my main account currently rented out and using this one in this battle was not good as there was a ruleset of return fire means that the range attack monsters will get damage back in the form of return fire so this monster died early because of return fire and also gave some strong attack to the enemy monster.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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