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How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine here is another post about the Splinterlands game in which i will be sharing the quest rewards of today and a card from the FIRE family that i got from the airdrop edition by qualifying for the airdrop cards while investing 10 lac dec tokens.


The rugged goblins of the Burning Lands have embraced many types of craft and skill that are outside the awareness of their cousins in Anumün, including the conjuring arts. The majority of these fire goblins live in the vast northern region known as the Smoldering Forest, along with 90% of the continent's vegetation.Read more

Well, GOBLIN FIREMAGE is an epic card that belongs to the family of fire monsters that you can get only from the market now because if you have bought untamed edition packs for the airdrop so you may have one BCX or 8 in quantity if you have bought enough packs by investing your money in it like i did. Well, i bought the dec at a cheap price when it was at 0.0001 or something else and saved up to 1 million dec by investing around about 3000 hive nearly equal to $1000, and bought 575 packs in a bulk for qualifying the airdrop though i missed some of the airdrop cards like zaku, mimosa and others but got the chensus, lir deep and lama mage along with kitty which is also expensive so i got some of my investment back in the form of these cards.



Well, the market price of this card is almost $2.4 per BCX so from the airdrop i got total 8 BCX of this card which is equal to $20 so far so i think this is enough for me to get the $20 investment back in the form of these cards and also it can give me some passive income by renting this card to someone else or using it in my battle team. However, the abilities of this card is just awesome like it can dispel and blind ability the one is used for missing the chance of hitting while the other one is used for remove the positive abilities from the monster while it is used as a magic monster with little mana so you can use it in the little league ruleset.



Well, this time i lose some battles and goes to the lower league which is the silver and i don't like it to play now because the silver league is not allowing me to use all the abilities of cards while other strong leaderboard players can beat you easily in silver league so you will get -36 rating which will drown you rating anytime and you will stay here for one week lol.. However, the worst ever quest rewards are below that i don't wanna share with you guys but still just look at these rewards of silver league.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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