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How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine. In today's post, I will be sharing a new rare card from the life splinter of rift watchers edition with a stun and some other cool abilities.


Runeslingers are the guardians and protectors of the Riftwatchers’ leadership, the Runemancers. They are steadfast and wholly dedicated to their mission, willing to give their lives if necessary.SPLINTERLANDS

RUNESLINGER is a great life monster from the rift watchers edition which i got recently from the pack opening along with some other rare cards and one epic summoner which i shared yesterday. The card design is stunning and has some cool abilities but the speed of this card is really awesome. However, as compared to other editions there are some good cards in old edition like alph/beta and untamed edition cards are working great in this mana range but main difference is that in these new cards we can get the abilities from scratch level while in old edition cards the abilities can be unlocked at further level.



There are 3 awesome abilities in this card that you can get from this monster by upgrading it to next levels that you want the first one ability is stun which is already useable at level 1 with a single ranged attack and you can get 5 health from this card
at level 1. However, the next level upgradation will give you increment in ranged attack while at level 4 you can get the affliction ability. The stun and affliction will work great in the specefic rulesets of knockout and block the healing ability from an enemy monsters so if you are not a high level or max level player then you can easily upgrade this card to level 4 and can be used in normal battles of diamond league.


Well, here is one more monster from the water splinter which i got from the pack opening so this monster name LEMELL REFUGEE with melee attack and void armor ability at level 1 which seems a great monster because of its armor and health and you can increase the health of this card at further level and also get the enraged ability at level 6 with some cool armors and life so not bad at all but it takes high mana as like other rift watcher monsters.



The result of one rift pack is here in which you can see 3 rare cards and one epic water summoner and all monsters have some cool abilties from the scratch level 1 like the void armor from water monsters, the two monster has stun ability while from the summoner you can get the backfire and the other rare monster has recharge ability so the pack result looks good and worth something like it is almost recovered its investment value of this pack.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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