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How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine. In today's post, I will be sharing the 3 cards from a single pack in which two are epic while the other one is common gold from the neutral family, and a chaos legion pack includes these cards.


Four hundred years before the first rift opened, the first whispers of chaos brought dark beasts under a blood moon to the Tower of Azdurj. Creatures of nightmare began hunting by night, lurking the valleys and crawling on the wind.Read more

Well, from the recent pack opening i have got some new cards for my collection that i am using in their specific splinters here are two more new cards added to my collection and this one is from the death splinter that i did not use yet but soon will be using this card in my battles to check the working of this card even at level 1 like other legendary and epic cards which are perfect at level 1 but some needs to be upgraded to next level



Well, just check out the abilities of this card from the scratch level it can give us the snipe ability with camouflage with 4 speed and 4 health and can target the range or magic monsters of the enemy team, especially in the backline team. The market price of this card is $1.4 so i bought this pack on hive engine market including 4 other packs so total cost was 17 hive and i have almost recovered my investment from these cards like from this pack i got two epic worth $1.4 and common gold while from the last pack i got an epic gold so the investment has been recovered and i can easily take some profit by selling these cards.


The Magi of the Chaosium are the heralds of the Legion itself. For hundreds of years they met and studied in secret, gathering ancient artifacts and scraps of forbidden knowledge, much that was once thought lost. Read more

Here is one more magic worth $1.56 from a single pack it means that i got worth $3 of epic cards while the common gold is remaining. However, the MAGI OF CHAOS is a neutral epic card from the chaos legion edition with a magic attack that has only one ability of oppress at level 5 and can give you up to 4 magic attacks at max level so for me, it is a great card for the water splinter especially for the beta water summoner if you can use this card not only for the water splinter you can use this card in the earth summoner of chaos legion edition to adds one more magic to this monsters.



Here is the supply runner in gold foil edition that i got for the first time from the neutral family which is a great and one of the most useable card in the chaos legion edition especially for the swiftness ability the players are upgrading this card for the swiftness and it has a cool speed that will turn to 5 when you upgrade this card to level 6 and the worth of this level 3 gold card is $2.4 so almost i got $5 worth card from a single pack and $5 is equal to 10 hive if i want to sell these cards not bad cards from the last chaos legion pack opening which i bought recently i will share the season end rewards where i got one more pack that i will share with rewards and then i will start sharing the rift watcher packs opening of 12 packs and hope to get some more.



Here is the pack opening result of the cards which i explained and got from this pack opening in which you can see the two epic cards one is from a neutral family while the next one is a death splinter card. Also, the supply runner is a well know card that everyone plays in their battles so it was a great return from the packs opening result total 5 packs i shared and i bought these packs for 17 hive now it is worth more because i can easily make 10 hive from this pack while 10 hive from the last epic gold card with the current market price.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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