HEY FELLOW SUMMONERS CHECK OUT THIS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME LUCK I GOT FROM PACK #10 (This Po'Boi bought 10 packs each having a 0.70 average value, except for the very last pack "the fabled number 10".)

I got these Beauties after a bad pack streak. 9 out of the 10 literally worth 6.30 but 10/10 was worth just under or just over 30 bucks depending on the day
I spent all week looking at everyone's awesome pulls from the general sales. There was some jaw dropping pulls and a lot of sorry you ain't even getting close to how much you spent in value pulls. I really thought I wouldn't have a job again and making money in time for the Chaos legion sale. But I didn't give up. I told myself I will find a way to get a decent amount of packs for a Crypto Scrub (TLC's- No Paperhands) like myself. Anyways your poor boi got himself 10 packs... yup yup that's right ya light pocket splinter bro got 10. But there was a very sad and disappointing pull. I mean every pull was almost worthless, averaging under a dollar I know some cards will probably be worth more here soon. With all the new decks and when what is meta is found. Or maybe even when the next bull market starts to take off. Still I was highly disappointed and thought "Where was my Legendary pull?". Maybe a couple Gold foils to get me close to the 40 I spent... And just as I finally gave up and said. "ain't no way I am even gonna come close to breaking even. "mannn I should have just spent my cash on individual cards". and then BAM! with 1 click I had been so wrong. yup! That last pack was a hit! Inside contained the cards below. Don't give up if you put time and real thought into this game it will reward you! I'm sorry I ever doubted you splinterlands
Lira the Dark.jpgSoul Fiend.jpg