$3,500 To $10,000 Account Challenge End Of Season Update #3!




Hey Splinterlands, I hope you're all doing well and happy with your EoS rewards! I'm back with another End of Season account update where we go over the most interesting things that happened to me or the account in season 71.

As usual we'll go over my EoS rewards, the Rental game, what happened with the Silver Leaderboard, if my account made any progress towards the $10,000 goal, and anything else that crosses my mind.

If you don't know who I am or what my challenge is, check out my Introduction Post where I talk more about me and why I'm so passionate about Splinterlands and Blogging!

Let's get to it!


Silver Leaderboard

I decided I need to go over this first since it's fresh in my mind and you'll see why in a sec.

I had a lot of fun learning the Silver meta and feel like I have a much better grasp on what works and what doesn't but I've basically been on a roller coaster of emotions.

I think I was in 16th place or so two days ago but I forgot to take a screenshot. I had 45 minutes left on my rentals and needed to make a decision. I could keep playing and push for a bit more rating or stop there.

I decided to stop where I was because A. I was super tired after a long session grinding battles and B. If I lost a game, I wouldn't have enough time to get the points back.

With about one day left in the season I had only dropped to 18th and I was starting to get my hopes up!




Then, with around 1 hour left I suddenly dropped all the way to 24th place and remembered to take a screenshot this time.

I felt a lot of despair sinking in as I slid further and further back just hoping by some miracle I could stay in the top 25. The thing is if I had the cards and could just play, it would have been so easy to gain some rating but some of the key monsters and summoners I use were just insanely expensive so I had to just sit there.




With about 10 minutes left in the season it happened. I fell to 26th place with a reward of nothing.

In a last ditch effort to get back into the top 25 I queued up for a battle. I have a level 4 Kelya so with any luck I might be able to play Water.

Nope! It's banned, so now I know I'm pretty much doomed. I did the best I could but ended up losing a bunch of points.

It wasn't meant to be this time around. 😭

I'm super bummed and feel like I let you guys down. I should have just kept playing when I had my rentals but it felt like the "smart" decision at the time to stop.

Next time I know I need at least 3100 rating before stopping for the season.

The good news in this disaster is that I had enough power to hit Gold 3 still so once I knew I wasn't going to land in the rewards for the Silver Leaderboard I just went and promoted up to gold for a few extra reward chests.





End of Season Rewards

Now you understand why I wanted to go over the Silver Leaderboard first, as my rewards chests would have spoiled that I didn't stay in silver!

I got a lot of cards this time including my very first legendary drop from rewards! As the chest started shaking I was chanting TURN GOLD! TURN GOLD! but no luck there!

It's my second end of season in a row without a pack which continues to frustrate me but overall this was MUCH better than last time.


Splintercards says the average reward for gold 3 EoS is $2.548 while my rewards add up to about $3.35 so it's nice to be over that average for once.


I also had a really nice drop from my daily quest a few days ago that I wanted to show you guys.

It's kind of funny, this GF Uraeus is worth $12 which is more than 2x last season AND this seasons EoS rewards combined.

Unfortunately right now only the "big ticket" items have held decent value lately so if you miss out on them you're not going to earn a ton but when you hit, it can still be really nice.

I'm really getting excited for the new rewards system they've been talking about. Of course I've been saying that for a while now and it's still not out but maybe next recap we'll be seeing it in action.

One can hope but I probably shouldn't hold my breath! 8D



As usual I delegated enough power for Thoogen to finish in Silver 3 for a few more chests but unfortunately only ended up with about $0.25 worth of value which is actually worse than last time's $0.37 if you can believe it lol.


Splintercards says the average payout for Silver 3 is $0.96, yikes!

Have I mentioned how I'm eagerly awaiting the new rewards system? It's all good though, just gotta keep grinding and eventually you pull something like that GF Uraeus and shoot your average way up.



The Rental Strategy

I said this last report but managing my collection to extract the maximum amount of value I can via renting is really enjoyable to me.

Part of me hates how the system works because you have to cancel rentals on people to keep jacking the price up as demand grows toward the end of the season but at the same time you have to play the game by the rules that are in place.

People cancel on me all the time and like I said, I couldn't even try to push the leaderboard on the last day cause all my rentals were gone. I'd much prefer being able to rent cards for an entire season and once a price is agreed upon it's set till the season ends, no canceling from either side.

With that said, I think it's absolutely crazy that I was able to pull in 1,391 DEC on the last day of the season with my spare power.

Aside from the Djinn Apprentice and the Fire Spitter, it's all just cheap reward cards I've maxed out over the past month or so. The trick is that when you max a card, you get a 5% card power bonus so my commons have 2100 CP for example. The bots don't seem to care what card it is, they're just grabbing power to meet their league requirements I'm guessing.

This time I did a much better job of renting all my spare stuff throughout the season so here's what that looked like.

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
201 DEC201 DEC326 DEC326 DEC318 DEC
Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9Day 10Day 11
318 DEC318 DEC323 DEC353 DEC673 DEC1,391 DEC

The first two days everything's dirt cheap. By day 3 there's a decent spike up and then I just kind of let my rentals auto renew as I didn't feel like canceling them constantly and changing the price. By day 10 and 11 prices soared and I was leaving too much on the table not to cancel and go for more.

All in all it comes out to 4,748 DEC or about $8.18 based off the price as of this writing. Now if you remember right, my Gold 3 EoS reward, which was above average, returned $3.35 so I actually made quite a bit more from renting.

If I wasn't playing tournaments all the time where I need the rest of my cards, I'd just rent my whole deck out and take the guaranteed profit.





Guild Brawls

Brawling has been a lot of fun and it feels great to go 5-0 and help the team get a victory. We continue to dominate at this level and I've been able to open a gladius pack after every brawl as we usually get right around 2000 merits for a win. This time, our opponents didn't fill a lot of frays so the overall rewards ended up being smaller.

Technically we could move up to the next tier which has the potential to earn even more merrits but with the way Brawls are currently set up, we decided to stay where we're at.

The way it works is there's a huge bonus for placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd as a guild in brawls so unfortunately, we don't have much incentive to move up as it's better to stay where we're at and get 1st every time then to move up in competition and maybe get 1st but maybe not.

I know the team is working on a million different things like Ranked Rewards, Modern Format, Land, Validator Nodes, and so on but brawls could definitely use some kind of a rework to incentivize stronger guilds to move up.




The Relenor Cleaver has a high mana cost but it seems pretty strong. With 4 attack and reach it's going to have chances to get kills and power up with the Blood Lust ability. It also has 7 armor so it's really sturdy against physical attacks too. Magic is the obvious weakness with only 6 health so I'll have to remember to plan for that.

The rest of the cards I've gotten before, here is my full gladius collection.


I got the little goblin guy, Bertol Gobson to level 2 and a couple others I'm pretty close to leveling up as well. I still only have the one epic gladiator and no legendarys so that's a bit of a bummer but they'll come in time.

As of right now I'm getting a "free" 670 card power from my Gladius cards so on top of them being really useful for Brawls they count towards the SPS air drop as well so I highly recommend trying to find a good guild if you can. I'm sure people who have been around for a lot longer than me have thousands of free card power.



If you guys would like me to cover anything specific that you think I'm leaving out in these End of Season reports feel free to let me know what you want to see in the comments.

Given the price of SPS and vouchers right now we should see a nice jump in the account value so let's go over it.

Last Season's Account Value = $3,151

Last Season's Power = 109,555

Current Account Value = $3,234

Current Card Power = 116,350

Difference = +$83 and +6,795 Card Power

Not as big of a bump as I had expected but card packs are down to $2.81 on Hive Engine and the Reward Cards that I have so many of keep getting cheaper and cheaper so that ate into my gains a bit.

However, they should find a "floor" soon and I'll continue with my plan of acquiring a max level for all of these reward cards. I just don't want to get to a point where a year from now I don't have them maxed and their out of print and way more expensive.

I also think when Modern hits I may be able to play in Diamond 3 if the power gets cut in half and then I'll be happy to have gone overboard leveling these cards to max. In the mean time, I'll just keep renting out my extra power which allows me to buy more cards and so on.

That'll do it for this End of Season account update, I'm sorry I haven't been able to post as much as I would like. I was playing an absolute crap ton of battles this season trying to get on that dang leaderboard.

Also, I'd rather put out two really quality posts than a bunch of mediocre ones so I will be aiming for two posts a week and if time permits I'll try to get to a 3rd but no promises on that. Thanks for understanding!

I hope you're crushing life and every day getting one step closer to fulfilling your dreams, PEACE!


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Cya next time!


Well-written season summary! Sorry you missed out on LB :( But it looks like you did alright overall. I can't wait for the rewards rework too! (and a rental revamp would be amazing, but I'm not holding my breath for that one 🤣)


It's all good, I'll get it next time! :)

Yes agreed, both things would be amazing!


Teach me Sensei, I will learn your ways.

Well written and interesting post, keep up the good work.



Sorry about earlier Shawn, thanks for the kind words! :P


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It's been about 3 months. Curious to how/where things are since this last post. I see you crushing it in tourneys, but your daily rental prices over 3k dec daily are pretty steep. It's obviously sustainable for you given your tourney play, but otherwise probably not? I would also like to see you do a post (Silver league tourney play focus) on the new legendary summoner. Personally, I think he's 'good enough' in Modern, but for Wild, I don't think he moves the needle. I'm trying to keep an open mind given my limited play with him, but maybe others are seeing more success with him. Cheers.


3k DEC isn't what it use to be since it essentially comes out to $1.50 now and this was a particularly big spend since I played in many different kinds of tournaments. Normally I rent 100-200 DEC worth of stuff if there aren't any tournaments going on.

I used those cards to get 13th in the Bronze Alpha tournament https://splinterlands.com/?p=tournament&id=2a15789139996628e6b97eaec7ffe59e14b83f64 for 41 SPS

15th in the Modern Bronze GF tourny - https://splinterlands.com/?p=tournament&id=68a38c336501cce5b0012fb28ba4ecfe2ae40eef for 155 SPS

41st in the Gold Beginner Tourny - https://splinterlands.com/?p=tournament&id=c514ff1239ad915ed35524c8c11d91a4b9184c85 for 25 SPS

and 7th in the Modern Bronze Beginner Tourny - https://splinterlands.com/?p=tournament&id=bd81610051be8da6c978b95546987337f4de9fea for 30 SPS.

This comes out to 251 SPS and if you multiply that by $0.053, the price of SPS you get $13.30 which more than covers the $1.50 that 3000 DEC costs, so for me it's a no brainer.

I was close to getting another 45 SPS but you beat me in that GF tournament right at the end actually! It looks like that bumped you up from 50 to 125 SPS though so I guess I'm okay with it :P

As for Rathe, he's great in a couple rulesets but nothing special overall IMO at the silver level. Amplify is a dud ability as there aren't many good thorns / return fire monsters at Silver and it's easy enough to get from Dax Paragon so I would have preferred something like Forcefield or even just 1-2 HP.

I haven't made a post in forever, sorry about that. It's summer here in Minnesota so I've been enjoying the out doors and when I'm not doing that I'm playing my 4 accounts manually so I just haven't had time to blog.

As for the challenge, I'm actually pretty close to where I started which is pretty cool considering SPS, cards, and my packs all got quite a bit cheaper and yet I'm able to earn enough value from the game to still be around break even. If the markets ever stop going down I'll be in good shape LOL.