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Sometimes I get a bit discouraged when the challenge is a one mana monster that's only real use is fodder on the battle field but this time we have what I think is the most interesting challenge and that's Dragons!

The Dragon Battle Challenge is fun because it's so diverse! You can use a number of different summoners like Kitty or Brighton Bloom as well as a plethora of different dragon monsters.

On top of that, you can pair dragons with any other splinter so they can be involved with just about any strategy you can think of.

Today I picked a battle that shows off some synergy with Camila Sungazer and the Water Splinter!


The Ruleset.png



Weak Magic

Magic Attacks hit Armor before reducing Health

This doesn't necessarily take Magic out of play but makes it less effective. Armor and Repair effects become much stronger.


Healed Out

All Healing abilities are removed from Summoners and Monsters.

This hurts some Splinters more than others and the big reason I didn't go with Kitty this battle.






Camila Sungazer250.png

Camila Sungazer

Camila is a summoner I didn't really use much but after getting a Dragon Focus a couple different times now I've learned to appreciate her 3 mana cost.

Her -1 melee attack debuff is also nice because the enemy is almost always going to play at least one melee creature at the front and possibly more if they bring a Reach, Sneak, or Opportunity monsters.

If they don't bring any melee at all it's a bummer but at only 3 mana it's not the end of the world.


Lord Arianthus250.png

Lord Arianthus

Is one of my favorite front line tanks to use with Demoralize, Headwinds, or Silence because it has both Void and Shield which already reduces damage from all types by half.

On top of that, he has magic reflect at the Silver level which is where this battle takes place.

His big weakness is that he doesn't have any attack at all but that just means we have to build more damage into the rest of the lineup.




Whenever I bring one magic reflect monster I highly consider bringing two since I find that one usually doesn't get the job done and all you end up doing is wounding their magic guys but not finishing them off.

Lobstradamus also does magic damage himself and has a high health pool with the Shield ability, fitting nicely in the 2nd spot.


Djinn Oshannus250.png

Djinn Oshannus

This Djinn is just a really solid monster that continues our magic damage theme.

At 5 speed he's pretty fast and with void and phase it's hard to remove him with magic.

His 11 health provides some extra tankiness even against melee and ranged.


Chaos Dragon250.png

Chaos Dragon

This is probably my favorite non summoner Dragon monster.

At 14 mana, it's insanely expensive but each attack has game winning potential.

3 Magic damage, Scatter Shot, and Blast can devastate the back line and wreak havoc on the squishier monsters you thought were safe.


Phantom of the Abyss250.png

Phantom Of The Abyss

Is one of my favorite Water monsters and pairs well with Camila Sungazer due to it's Demoralize ability.

It also does three magic damage which so far is our only type of damage.

The Phantom also has the Flying and Evasion abilities which makes it really hard to deal with if you don't have any magic damage.



Axe Master

Gives us a powerful ranged attacker to balance our magic heavy team out.

Since he has the double strike ability he can do six ranged damage per turn which will help tremendously against any void monsters that are good against all our magic monsters.

It's always important to think about balance so one counter doesn't stop your whole team.






Link To The Battle Here!🍒

I'm happy to see Tarsa since we have double Demoralize and two Shielded monsters that will be great against melee attacks. However, the enemy lineup is fairly balanced and not totally all in on Melee.

Still, we've countered his most expensive Monster in Grum Flameblade and will be able to reflect his magic monsters.

When it comes to my strategy, if my Magic Reflect guys can get rid of his Magic monsters the Phantom of the Abyss will have any extremely high chance to dodge against his melee and ranged guys.

The Axemaster was an important last card to add as his Grum Flameblade has Void armor and Void which is exactly why we brought him.

All in all I think my team and strategy is very solid so I'm expecting good results here.


Round 1 goes pretty well for me and we draw first blood as Chaos Dragon takes out the Flame Monkey which was pretty lucky.

My magic reflect wounds his Elemental Phoenix and Goblin Shaman while Lord Arianthus withstands the enemy attacks and survives to see round 2 though just barely.


This time Chaos Dragon fires directly into Grum which isn't exactly what I wanted.

The Pheonix takes out Lord Arianthus but hurts itself on my Magic Reflect some more. Goblin Shaman takes himself out muahahahah.

Grum almost got the kill on Lobstradamus but the double Demoralize and Shield is really doing work against him so no blood lust for you!


In round 3 we finish off Grum Flameblade but the Phoenix cooks my Lobster.

Chaos Dragon gets revenge with a nasty shot that direct hits the Pheonix and Blasts everything else.

From here it's just a matter of clean up and I get the win pretty comfortably.



Camila Sungazer is a summoner I plan to pay more attention to. Water doesn't have any summoners that can debuff the enemy and makes for an interesting pairing.

My strategy worked pretty well as their Grum was severely crippled and my magic reflect heavily wounded or eliminated their magic monsters.

Phantom of the Abyss never had to tank but if he had there wouldn't have been any magic monsters left to deal with him and his super high evasion would have been another win condition for me.

I hope you enjoyed my strategy using Dragons with the Water splinter! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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