Share Your Battle Challenge - Silent Sha-vi!



For this Share Your Battle Challenge we'll be focusing on Silent Sha-vi, a Sneak attack monster from the Death splinter!

"Silent Sha-vi are entities from the shadow realm that take the form of giant snakes. They travel in darkness and shadow as if each dark corner is a gateway that leads elsewhere. They have an appetite for slow and creeping deaths, feeding off the escalating fear of the victim. If you think there might be a monster under your bed, it's probably a Silent Sha-vi."

That's pretty cool, I mean a giant snake is scary enough but to be an entity from the Shadow Realm is extra spooky!






The Trample Ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.

This rule usually doesn't matter in Bronze league but always a good idea to keep it in mind.


Melee Mayhem

Melee Attack Monsters can attack from any position.

This rule will allow us to get some extra damage and attackers, as melee monsters are typically more cost effective on a mana to mana bases than magic or ranged.




Thaddius Brood250.png

Thaddius Brood

This battle is from a Chaos Legion only tournament so Thaddius Brood was really my only option for the Death team.

However, that doesn't mean he's a bad one.

Obsidian is available and her magic is very dangerous so the -1 magic and -1 HP debuffs can come in handy.


Cursed Windeku250.png

Cursed Windeku

Is a really powerful front liner in lower mana games and with this melee favored ruleset.

It's decently high HP and thorns ability make it a menace against other melee monsters.

It's attack and speed are okay but when you consider the 6 mana cost it's a solid package overall.


Silent Sha-vi250.png

Silent Sha-vi

Is our nasty sneak attack monster that hits hard with good speed and any time you face Death you have to account for this monster or it can wreak havoc on your back line.

With 3 damage, 4 speed, and 5 health it's not likely to miss or be taken out easily either making it a pretty solid value at 5 mana.


Corpse Fiend250.png

Corpse Fiend

Each faction has it's own "fiend" monster that costs 0 mana.

Fiend's may not seem worthy of the "legendary" rarity but it truly is a big advantage to have an extra 0 mana creature to play.

Since it's melee Mayhem, it will also be able to attack from the backline as well as protecting my team from sneak attacks.


Carrion Shade250.png

Carrion Shade

Similar to Corpse fiend in role, the Carrion Shade is a one mana monster with flying.

This makes it a solid option for the back line as it's flying ability gives it a shot at avoiding some sneak attacks.

As a melee monster it'll also be able to attack from the back in this ruleset.






Link To The Battle Here!🍒

Given the rules, type of tournament, and the splinters available we have a pretty obvious choice in the Death Splinter this time. It's no surprise that my opponent actually played the exact same lineup, just in a slightly different order.

Since I have the Silent Sha-vi in the second position I feel like I have an edge since his Silent Sha-vi is a little more vulnerable in the very back. If the Cursed Windeku's take each other out but I can get rid of his Silent Sha-vi we should be able to win with my Silent Sha-vi being the last one standing.

Unfortunately both of our Corpse Fiends and Carrion Shades will likely not make it past round 1.


As you might have expected, having the more protected Silent Sha-vi made the difference. In fact after doing a little more analysis on this battle, I think there were really only two out comes. I win the battle with a full health Silent Sha-vi or I win the battle with a 1 health Silent Sha-vi just based on who's Silent Sha-vi went first in round 2.



Silent Sha-vi is an excellent card and if you like the Death Splinter it's a must have.

My strategy was very similar to my opponents but sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference. By being a little bit more optimal I was able to protect my Silent Sha-vi longer and win the battle.

I wouldn't change anything with my strategy as everything worked out as expected and I got the Win. In my experience, Death really shines in lower mana games when it comes to Chaos Legion as all their best cards are around 3-6 mana.

I hope you enjoyed this battle report, thanks for reading and have a great day!

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