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This weeks Battle Challenge Features Radiated Brute, a really solid Common monster from the new Chaos Legion set for the Fire splinter. As a melee monster with Reach, it fits really well with the new summoner Tarsa, who benefits melee monsters with +1 Attack and +1 Health.

Let's dive into the Radiated Brute's stat card and see how it advances as it levels up.



The Radiated Brute starts off as slow as can be with only 1 speed at level 1 but by the time it's maxed out at level 10 it's up to 4 which is actually pretty respectable. It's melee attack starts at 2 with a strong bump at the silver league level where it hit's 3. By max level it peaks at 4 attack and since you'll probably be playing it with Tarsa you're talking about 5 damage for 5 mana.

The Radiated Brute never gets any armor but it starts with 5 health. Unfortunately most of the level ups go into speed and attack so the Brute only has 6 Health at level 10 which makes it pretty squishy for a 5 mana melee monster.


Luckily it's first ability is Reach and can be used at level 1. This means as long as you can afford to put a strong main tank like Forgotten One or Grum Flameblade at the front, Radiated Brute will be able to strike safely from the second position.


At level 6 Radiated Brute acquires the Enrage ability which means as long as it didn't die from the hit that it took damage from, it'll receive a 1.5x multiplier to it's Attack and Speed, rounded up. It might be hard to pull off but when it happens the Brute will surely take something down with it.

Now that we know what kind of Monster Radiated Brute is, here's a sneak peak into the team we'll see for this battle!



We start things off with Tarsa, our summoner for this battle. She's the new fire summoner from the Chaos Legion set and I like her quite a bit.

Her +1 melee attack and +1 health buffs are great additions to any team focused around melee monsters so of course that includes Radiated Brute.


Forgotten Onesmall.png

Forgotten One

Has immunity making him the king of Noxious battles but that won't be a factor here.

He also makes a solid frontline tank and is best used in rulesets like Lost Magic or Weak Magic, Reverse Speed, Equal Opportunity, Melee Mayhem, and Super Sneak.



Radiated Brute

Is a powerful reach monster that fits perfectly with the team in the second position where it can hide behind Forgotten One and swing away as it's strength is essentially pumping out as much melee damage as possible.

Most rule sets don't really favor or hurt the Brute so you can usually play it when it's available, just watch out for back to basics where it will lose the reach ability.



Tenyii Striker

is a powerful sneak monster for 5 mana that synergizes well with Tarsa and the rest of the team.

It's job will be to penetrate the back lines and hopefully pick off squishier opponents, removing threats quickly without having to get through the enemy front line monsters and tanks.

Watch out for the Back to Basics and Fog of War rulesets as he'll lose his sneak ability.


Djinn Apprentice

Is our fourth monster to bring some much needed balance to our team. It's magic attack will help us deal with any heavily armored and / or shielded foes we come across.

He is not a fan of the Weak Magic or No Magic ruleset but doesn't mind back to basics where Magic Damage is favored.


Djinn Infernismall.png

Djinn Inferni

Is what the Djinn Apprentice Aspires to be with even more powerful magic at his disposal. He will form a nice 1-2 anti armor, anti shield punch with the Djinn Apprentice

He hates the Weak Magic, No Magic, and Rise of the Commons Rule Sets but doesn't mind Back to Basics too much.


War Chaangsmall.png

War Chaang

Is a powerful neutral monster that has both melee and ranged attack as well as the Retaliate ability. This makes him uniquely well suited for the last position to guard against any enemy sneak attacks while still being able to attack himself.

It loves Equal Opportunity, Melee Mayhem, Super Sneak, and Melee Only rulesets, just watch out for Back to Basics and Rise of the Commons.


Now that you've seen the team let's jump to the battle rules and why I picked this lineup!



Link To The Battle Here🍒


This battle is from the Chaotic Kobold Miner Tournament Hosted by Splinterlands. It is a Novice level tournament that allows cards from the Untamed and Chaos Legion sets but no Legendarys.

Given the Rule Set, I'm not left with many choices for this battle. The only Splinters available are Fire and Dragon so the only real choice is Fire as their aren't any non legendary dragons in the available sets.

The Odd Ones Out rule further limits my options so this is the team that I came up with.




At the tank position It's between Living Lava and Forgotten one and since it's 99 mana I don't have a problem paying a little bit more for the latter. I followed that up with Radiated Brute so I have a reach monster that can hit from the second spot.

Tenyii Striker has Sneak so he is able to attack from the third position and to balance the team out I went with the magic monsters Djinn Apprentice and Djinn Inferni in the fourth and fifth positions respectively.

In the back I placed War Chaang as it has a ranged attack but also the powerful retaliate ability should my opponent bring any sneak attacks which I think is likely because Tenyii Striker is a strong play with such limited options.

With the lineup set let's take a look at the matchup.




My opponent has Living Lava at the tank position which we thought about but decided against. They also brought Radiated Brute and as the only reach creature that's expected.

Then they have Forgotten One in the third position and that's a bit surprising as it won't be able to attack from there.

Like us they also have Djinn Inferni but another key difference is the Serpentine Spy in the 5th position with the Tenyii Striker last.

I like my chances as I brought enough magic damage to deal with the Living Lava and we protected against sneak. My opponent also has a monster that won't attack for a while in their 3rd spot.

Which team do you think will win this battle?



As expected in a Fire vs Fire battle, it's a total slugfest but our strategy and planning really paid off. The Magic damage from Djinn Apprentice and Djinn Inferni help me cut through the shielded Living Lava tank like butter and the War Chaang gets a couple retaliates off on the opposing Tenyii Striker which lead to his demise and kept our backline safe.

It doesn't guarantee that you'll win every battle but my team is fundamentally sound and followed the key principles of 1. Everyone can attack from their starting position. 2. Diversified between Melee, Magic, and Range damage. 3. Protect against Sneak attacks.

Because of this, we were able to swiftly handle the situation and neutralize my opponent quickly making the strategy a resounding success. Radiated Brute did a great job dishing out damage and then trading hits once it got to the front line. This win helped me get 3rd place in the tournament and the top prize of 54 SPS!

Hopefully you enjoyed this battle and if so, consider following my blog as I make content like this regularly and as always, thanks for reading my post!


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