Be careful not to sink [ Splinterlands Battle ]


For this week's challenge I chose the card Diemonshark from the water deck which is incredibly powerful since level 1, it is a rare card from the chaos legion edition and its mana cost is 8 which is quite high but worth a lot sorry to have in battles.

His Stats at level 1 are 2 attack which is low for a card with that mana cost, 4 speed which is already considered high so it's a very positive point of Diemonshark as he will be one of the first cards to attack in battle, 7 health which is not a lot since his health will be a very important point in the battle because Diemonshark is the type of card that will be in the first position so having that amount of life won't make him hold many attacks but it has 6 shield that compensates for that amount of life and this shield will be very useful against melee and ranged cards.

At level 8, which is his maximum level, he already has 4 attack which is a lot of attack, 4 speed which remains the same since level 1, 10 health which is already a high amount and 6 shield which remains the same since level 1. level 1. So at max level it does much more damage and has more health to defend for longer in battle. In addition he has 3 abilities that are obtained at different levels, the Trample ability he has from level 1, the Enrage ability from level 4 and the Retaliate ability from level 7.

imag 2.png

The image above shows an overview of the Diemonshark card, remembering that there are level restrictions in the leagues so Diemonshark at level 4 with the Enrage ability would only be possible in the silver league or above and Diemonshark with the Retaliate ability at level 7 only in the league diamond or above.

imag 3.png

The Trample ability allows him to attack again if he defeats a card with his attack so it will be a great ability that will allow him to do more damage during battle.

imag 4.png

The Enrage ability makes him multiply his speed and his attack by 1.5x when he is attacked so at level 4 where he has this ability, 3 attack and 4 speed, when he is attacked he will have 5 attack 6 speed, this value does not stack so this is the maximum speed and attack he will have in battle at this level.

imag 6.png

The Retaliate ability makes him have a 50% chance to attack back when a melee card attacks him, so it's another great ability that will make Diemonshark do even more damage during battle if your opponent has melee cards.


For the battle I used the following cards:

Kelya Frendul (level 1) as a summoner because she grants +1 speed and +1 shield and both will be very useful in battle.

Diemonshark (level 1) which will be the card that will defend the first position and which will also be one of the main cards that will deal damage in battle.

Hardy Stonefish (level 1) which is a melee card that can only attack in first position and will be useful to defend if Diemonshark is defeated.

Merdaali Guardian ( level 1 ) which is a card without attack but which has the function of healing the first position card with its Tank Heal ability, so it will be of great help for this battle.

Scavo Hireling (level 1) that also has no attack but has the Repair ability that makes him repair part of the shield of the card that suffered the most damage and as all cards have a shield so he will be very useful, especially to repair Diemonshark's shield.

Deeplurker (level 1) which is a melee card with the Opportunity ability that makes him attack the lowest life card so it will be very useful to give the last attack on the cards and defeat them, he and Diemonshark will be the main cards that will deal damage on this one battle.

imag 7.png

In the battle my opponent used a summoner that gives +1 health to his cards and he has the Truthspeaker card that gives +2 shield to all his cards so my opponent's defense is quite strong and I eat my cards that deal damage are melee the shield will be a problem for them.

My opponent also has the Shieldbearer card which has the Taunt ability which makes him the target of all my card attacks and this will make it difficult for my Deeplurker to defeat the back cards like Truthspeaker which would make my opponent lose the +2 shield.

In addition to causing damage my opponent has the cards Stitch Leech, Pelacor Arbalest and Celestial Harpy.

In this battle the available mana is 25 and there are no rules.

imag 8.png

Round 1:

In this round both sides didn't have any cards defeated because they had a shield to defend themselves from attacks, so it was just a round to take part of the shields from the cards and cause little damage to their health. The priority is to defeat the Shieldbearer as quickly as possible so that the Deeplurker can then target the Truthspeaker.

Round 2:

In this round again no cards were defeated on either side and it was just an exchange of attacks to remove the shields from the cards and do some damage to their health.

Round 3:

In this round there was the first loss of the battle which was my card Hardy Stonefish, my cards Merdaali Guardian and Scavo Hireling are being very useful because Diemonshark is receiving a lot of healing and shield from them, besides having Hardy Stonefish was also a great decision because he is holding back the attacks of the Celestial Harpy who has the Opportunity ability so he attacks the lowest health card and because of that the Scavo Hireling is not being targeted by it.

Round 4:

In this round finally the Shieldbearer was defeated and now Deeplurker is targeting the Truthspeaker card, as soon as it is defeated the game will start to be in my favor, my cards Merdaali Guardian and Scavo Hireling still have their shields and this is a very good thing because they are still well protected.

Round 5:

In this round Diemonshark was almost defeated but Merdaali Guardian and Scavo Hireling didn't let him and soon he regained part of his health and shield, the Truthspeaker card was not the Deeplurker's target this time because Celestial Harpy had less health, but now the Truthspeaker is in the first position so it should be defeated soon. My Deeplurker card was also defeated and now I only have Diemonshark to deal damage with.

Round 6:

In this round Diemonshark defeats Truthspeaker and his Trample ability is activated making him attack again and damage the Pelacor Arbalest card which is in first position and is unable to attack because it is a ranged card.

Round 7:

In this round Diemonshark again defeats another card that was Pelacor Arbalest and his Trample ability is activated again causing him to damage the Stitch Leech card. In addition, he still has the Merdaali Guardian and Scavo Hireling cards supporting him.

Round 8:

In this round my opponent has only 1 card in the battle which is Stitch Leech who is defeated at the very beginning of the round by Diemonshark making the battle come to an end.


Diemonshark is an excellent card since level 1 that when it has the Trample ability activated it does a lot of damage, having the Merdaali Guardian and Scavo Hireling cards to help it in battle is also a great choice because then it can last longer in battle and even even be the reason for the victory as you can see in this battle when the Deeplurker was defeated and only he was left to deal damage and he was able to defeat all the opponent's remaining cards. So if you want an excellent card to defend in the first position and that does a lot of damage, Diemonshark is the card you are looking for.

imag 9.png


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