Collection of Splinterlands battle strategies for beginners


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This collection focuses on a set of high quality articles that discuss Splinterlands strategies for beginners. You may optionally view this collection as post to see the categories on how this collection is divided. This collection is categorized as follows: general beginner strategy guides, specific summoner and splinter strategies, specific abilities and basic strategies, and ruleset strategies.


Expect this collection to be updated over time. A lot of players are continuously providing great content in the Splinterlands community.

General beginner strategy guides, best if you start here

These are articles that provide great suggestions on strategizing in the game for beginners. I highly suggest that you start here, and then move on to other articles as you grind your heart out in the game.
This post gives a full context and approach about strategizing for beginners. The author also included specific gameplan for three summoners.
This guide recommends what are the best summoners and monsters to buy/rent for beginners. The author has also included a video for more in-depth discussion of the cards.
Looking to move out of Bronze? This guide is for you. @freeztag discusses strategies how you can reach silver, and what are the benefits of reaching silver league.


Specific summoner and splinter strategies

After you are done reading the overall strategies in playing the game, it is now time to focus on your chosen splinters. Here you can find posts by community members focused on specific summoner/splinter strategies.
Looking for ways to strategize with Malric? @freeztag got you covered. In this post, the author guides you on playing Malric in different rulesets.
@bulldog1205 gives an in-depth discussion on how to use a life splinter. Specifics about the summoners, tanks, support/healers for the life splinter were all discussed.
A post that gives us a guide on using Alric Stormbringer. The author gives out a game plan, list of core cards, and specifics when it is best to use this strategy.
A guide that focuses on which cards are best to rent for water splinters.
A guide in playing a dragon summoner: Brighton Bloom. This post focuses on the game plan and when it is right to use Brighton.
One of the current season's favorite: Mylor Crowling. This article gives you a guide on how to use Mylor Crowling.
Despite being one of the current season's favorite, no Summoner is unbeatable. In this post, @marianaemilia discusses tips on how you can beat Mylor.
This guide gives you a clear direction on how you can reach Silver I using a Death Splinter."_
This guide provides us with a strategy on using Byzantine Kitty (dragon splinter), coupled with Earth monster.
A guide that provides a good detail on which cards to rent for a dragon splinter in bronze league.
Not a "how to use" guide, but a "how to counter" guide. This article shows how you can beat one of the most annoying summoners in any league, Yodin Zaku.


Specific abilities and basic strategies

Are you looking for discussions about specific abilities? This section is for you!

Aside from knowing which cards to rent, it is equally important to understand the abilities that our cards have and how we can properly utilize them. In this section, we will see a collection of posts that cover specific abilities and strategies that we can use in the arena.
As part of a series of posts, @marianaemilia discusses about the tank or the front line in our arena.
Continuation of the previous post, this focuses on tanks with the healing ability.
One of the important abilities for a tank: the shield ability. This post discusses the shield ability with a real match example.
A life splinter's favorite: Taunt ability. This post discusses this ability and exemplifies it with a real match example.


Ruleset Strategies
List of Splinterlands rulesets for reference
Guide on building a good team for back to basics ruleset
Strategy guide for building a team on healed out match
Discussion of monsters that you can utilize in a heavy hitters match
Tips on strategizing in a SILENCED SUMMONERS match
Tips on strategizing in an AIM TRUE match
Tips on strategizing in a SUPER SNEAK match
Tips on strategizing in a MELEE MAYHEM match
Tips on strategizing in a KEEP YOUR DISTANCE match
Tips on strategizing in a WEAK MAGIC match
Tips on strategizing in a UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL match
Tips on strategizing in a LOST MAGIC match
Tips on strategizing in a UNPROTECTED match
Tips on strategizing in a TARGET PRACTICE match
Tips on strategizing in a FOG OF WAR match
Tips on strategizing in a ARMORED UP match
Tips on strategizing in a EARTHQUAKE match
Tips on strategizing in a REVERSE SPEED match
Tips on strategizing in a CLOSE RANGE match
Tips on strategizing in a BROKEN ARROWS match
Tips on strategizing in a EQUALIZER match
Tips on strategizing in a LOST LEGENDARIES match
Tips on strategizing in a TAKING SIDES match
Tips on strategizing in a RISE OF THE COMMONS match
Strategizing tips for a match with 99 mana
Tips on strategizing in a LITTLE LEAGUE match
Tips on strategizing in an EVEN STEVENS match
Tips on strategizing in a ODD ONES OUT match
Tips on strategizing in a STAMPEDE match
Tips on strategizing in a NOXIOUS FUMES match
Tips on strategizing in an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY match


Miscellaneous: additional articles that are extremely helpful

These are articles that are not necessarily part of the main outline, but are still good to read given that they provide a lot of useful insights.
"Given that we have to play by a dynamic set of rules, this post provides us with a strategy on how we can win low mana battles."
"After playing a lot of ranked matches, you would eventually be interested in joining a tournament. This post gives us tips on how we can play well in tournaments."
"Aside from our Splinter-specific monsters, it is very important that we have a good set of neutral cards. This post gives us a guide on which neutral monsters should be rented in Bronze league."


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